Friday, September 11, 2009

Smoking women - part 5

Now with a header!

Part 1
I'm sorry, guys - I didn't realize that I hadn't supplied you with any gorgeous, smoking women since June. That's just unforgivable.

Part five of my Smoking Women series is completed with a smashing new wallpaper of my own creation, depicting the German femme fatale Marlene Dietrich (smoking, of course).
Fetch necessary tools and enjoy the ride! (Now, was I just too disgusting there, or what..? Please say a prayer for me, because I don't.)

And you know the drill - click on the photos to enlarge them. Duh.

Ann Dvorak (1917-1979)
(Natural causes)

[It is usually pictures like these that make my bofriend unusually interested in my passion for classic cinema. He would lean over my shoulder and yell "side boob!".]

For some reason this magnificent actress gave up her Hollywood career, making her last film in 1951. I will mention her role as the sister with an incestuous relationship to Paul Muni in Scarface (1932) and her role as the drug addict mother in Three On a Match (1932), and if you haven't seen her in them - be very ashamed. "Oh-oh..."
Also, this picture says everything about why I smoke.
Funny quote about how to pronounce her name:

"My name is properly pronounced "vor'shack." The D remains silent. I have had quite a time with the name, having been called practically everything from Balzac to Bickelsrock."

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)
(Appendicular cancer)

The greatest fashion icon of the 1960's. Why can't I be tall, slim and rich?

Born in Bordeaux, I guess Mademoiselle Darrieux has fine wines mixed in her DNA, resulting in her astonishing beauty. She played opposite Charles Boyer in Max Ophüls' Madame de... (1953), a film I still find myself waiting impatiently to see.

Natalie Wood (1938-1981)

Together in this picture with (no shit) Frank Sinatra, whom she made the war drama Kings Go Forth (1958) with. She died in late November 1981, at the age of 43, while sailing with her husband Robert Wagner and their friend Christopher Walken. She fell over board and drowned - according to some conspiracies she was murdered.

Heard of her? No? According to IMDb she only made two films in her career, including Thirteen Women (1932) [post], falling to her death in a trapeze act. Good looking woman, though. Can't find any date of death, so maybe she is 103 years old now?

Like Ingrid Bergman, Moreau is that kind of beauty who looks best with almost no make up at all. Cool gal.

Joan Bennett (1910-1990)
(Heart attack)

The younger sister of Constance Bennett made no less than five films for German director Fritz Lang, more than any other American actor or actress.

One of the coolest on-screen personas in motion picture history, I believe. (I have her autograph!)

Norma Talmadge (1893-1957)

[Side boob!]
The first one to put her footprints on the cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in 1927. By accident.

Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992)
(Kidney failure)

Click on your screen resolution below, and get a form fitting wallpaper from ImageShack.


Juliette. said...

That's the coolest picture of Jeanne I've ever seen.

Lolita said...

That probably goes for me too! Counting the money, looking nonchalant...

Christopher said...

muahahaha..Cigarette holders! you have one lolita?

Lolita said...

Love them! Actually, I do bought one in London! It's a little bit longer than Natalie Wood's, and shaped like a trumpet at the top, with a golden edge. Really stylish! Maybe I should make a classic Hollywood photo shoot of myself with it and upload ;)

Christopher said... should mix it in with the smokin'hollywood sirens there..people will say.."well now whos that one?..she looks familiar...??.was she in a Wally Reid..or a Buddy Rogers picture?...

Matthew Coniam said...

That's more like it! Great pic of Ann Dvorak - and this Harriet Hagman interests me strangely... Race you to find out something more about her!

Lolita said...

Haha, great idea! Last time I put up a pic on myself it was quite fun, even though the truth was revealed pretty soon!

Matthew Coniam:
Haha, okay, I'll try!

Mykal said...

Lolita: Wonderful new banner! Va-Voom! -- Mykal

Lolita said...

Thank you! I think it's fun to change it every now and then, especially since I change my appearance so often! No 1920's bob anymore, that photo is from yesterday :)