Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They need no friggin' make up...

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup...

I guess there's a lot of glamor in the morning routines of every beautiful actress.
There was however no glamor surrounding me this morning, after only one hour of sleep. Because of the lack of beauty sleep, I am now so distraught about the bags under my eyes that I simply have no inspiration to watch a movie and write a review about it. You will therefore have to do with some more pictures from my hard drive, and pretend that I look as glamorous as they do.

Carole Lombard. I need that make up table.
Any millionaire volunteering to be my sugar daddy?

Yikes! Jean Harlow also has a table devoted to face paint!

Mae Murray brings her portable make up chest.

Marilyn Monroe practices her seductive gaze,
while adding another ounce of lipstick.

What the hell - Miriam Hopkins also has a make up table!
It's not fair! Not fair at all. I need money.

Sophia Loren, with lovely 1960's cat eyes.

Well, this is about how glamorous I think I looked this morning.


Ms. B said...

The last picture made me laugh! I've been going through some serious vanity envy lately. I need my very own primping altar!!!

Kate Gabrielle said...

lol that last one is hysterical! Gosh I want to look like Sophia Loren. Whenever I try the cat eyes though my makeup starts sliding off by the end of the day! Maybe I need to tattoo it on! :)

Elizabeth said...

That last picture made me laugh! I am rather envious of Mae Murray's makeup chest though!

Christopher said...

Whaaat..don't you have your own BOUDOIR??..Lolita's Boudoir..with big keg lights around the mirror like Carole Lombard =:oO
I think Lon Chaney may have more "things",than the ladies do..

Amanda said...

Gorgeous photos. I need a makeup table like Miriam too!

Lolita said...

Ms. B:
It's not easy to have vanity envy when watching so many classical beauties, is it? I need more freak documentaries about obese Americans on TV, I think!

Kate Gabrielle:
Haha, thought he would look good among the beauties. I always do the cat eyes, the easiest way to look good! But not many eye-liners stay on though, you need to test all labels there are and find the "perfect one"! (I mean - you don't need "the perfect man", do you? Eyeliners are much more important.)

Yeah, should we steal it?!

Haha, he's vain! Yes, I need a boudoir... Can you buy one at IKEA, you think? ;)

All ladies do - We all do... Sigh!

Avalon76 said...

We should start a club for women lusting after vanity tables. I'd join! =D

Maggie said...

I'm thinking about pincurling my hair tomorrow night, and maybe trying a Ginger style. yikes!

Christopher said...

Does IKEA stock a 'Backstage Dressing Room"that smells like sweat and Greasepaint..and come with the sound of a Pit Orchestra playing outside..and a knocking on the door with a voice that says.."Miss Lolita!..You're on in 5 minutes!"

Juliette. said...

Love Andrea Leeds!

Haha, I've found like 5 pictures of Ava in that pose. :)