Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tower of London on YouTube!

Swedish film poster (transl. "The Blood-Stained Castle")

(Oh my lord and savior... I seem to be either too tired or too deep down in my wine glass to handle English tonight. I named the post "Tower of London på YouTube", Swenglish so it hurts. Sorry for possibly many more typos.)

There were some of my dear readers who, when I wrote a review of Tower of London (1939) [post], expressed some sad feelings about not having been able to see it, and that it's not broad casted on TV often enough.

Well, I've fixed it for you! I split the movie into 10 parts and uploaded it on YouTube. The link to the playlist is here. Bookmark it and watch it as soon as you can - I don't own the rights to the film, and sometimes people can be a little obstinate in those matters!

More bushy eyebrows to the people!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Thanks so much Lolita!! I can't wait to watch it!

Christopher said...

WHAT? don't own the rights to Tower of London??...Lolita's Borgen of blood stained frolics..let the heads roll ..dragfoot!

Lolita said...

Kate G:
No problem! I thought you people had to see it! :)

No, I'm the copyright proceedings grad out, but I think I will win the whole thing. After all, Spencer Tracy is my lawyer.
Haha! But to get the Swenglish grammar right, it should be "Lolita's Borg of blood" ("borgen" is a definite article!). If I start another blog some time in the future I will name it that! ;)

Christopher said...

oooo I like that..Lolita's Borg of Blood!..might even make a swell Picture...maybe coax Nora Orlandi to do the score...