Thursday, September 24, 2009

Which classic actor/actress are you?

I just took a quiz, consisting of 20 questions resulting in a description of what kind of classic hero/heroine you are. Quite funny actually, you can find it here! If you are a man, you can always check out what kind of a classic leading man you are here.
Report back to me if you take the tests! It's essential.

I am, according to the test, the Myrna Loy type. The description of my character follows:

You are loaded with a quirky kind of class that people find irresistable. Men turn and look at you admiringly as you walk down the street, and even your rivals have a grudging respect for you. You usually know the right thing to say, do and, of course, wear. You can take charge of a situation when things get out of hand, and you do it with great poise and chic. Your wit and sense of fun endear you to your partner and every other man in the room. Your screen partners include William Powell and Cary Grant. You're quite a catch...if you want to be caught.

I especially like the last sentence! Watch out for me, boys and girls! Ha ha. Doing the manly test, I became Cary Grant - charming, smooth and debonair!

Now to my readers' results!

Myrna Loy

Katharine Hepburn

Carole Lombard

Barbara Stanwyck

William Powell


Humphrey Bogart

James Stewart



Millie said...

Hahaha, I was Myrna Loy too!

That was a really fun quiz, Lolita!

Kim said...

Fun Quiz, I ended up getting Katharine Hepburn :)

What were all the other possible results?

Lolita said...

Ha, we're alike!

Kate Hepburn, nice! I don't know, but according to the image they use before the quiz, I guess Bette Davis and Carole Lombard should be among them.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I got Bogey which surprised me at first. Then I realised, I am morose, and morbid and am wont to drinking alone. Oh well, at least I have an Oscar:D

Kim I love you if you're Kate...just saying.

Matthew Coniam said...

Well hi there Myrna - I'm William Powell!
Apparently I'm "charming and debonair, but slightly untrustworthy, and women should be on their guard."
For the hell of it I took the classic dames test, too, to see what my feminine side matches up with. Turns out I'm Barbara Stanwyck.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I took the women's test and I am Kate. I'm in love with myself. Odd.

Lolita said...

These tests could be used for match-making, I notice! Haha.

Matthew Coniam:
Oh dear, I must run away with you immediately! At least I have to force my boyfriend to do the quiz - if he's not William Powell it has to end!

Elizabeth said...

I'm Carole Lombard! Great quiz!

Kim said...

@Andrew well I am quite fond of Bogart myself ;)

Out of curiosity I took the guy's quiz and I got Cary Grant. He's my favorite actor but I don't think I would be the female version of him. lol

Lolita said...

Yay! Suits you really fine!

I'll have to do the guy's test too :) I think I will add the answers for you to the blog post!

Nicole said...

I'm Myrna Loy too! Cool Quiz :)

Kate Gabrielle said...

I got Katharine Hepburn, but I was rooting for Barbara Stanwyck. I don't know I ended up being Kate (except for the whole name thing) because really I think I'm nothing like her... oh well!

Did you make the quiz or just take it? The answers were hilarious!! I had so much fun reading them all :D

Lolita said...

Great ;)

Kate Gabrielle:
Hmm, maybe you have to study Kate Hepburn more to discover your likenesses!
I just found it on the web - thought it was a really fun quiz for once!

Wayne B. said...

Apparently I'm Jimmy Stewart and Myrna Loy, Woo-hoo! Nice quizzes!

Amanda Cooper said...

Hooray! I'm Myrna Loy! (I knew it all along... : )

Lolita said...

Wayne B:
Nice! I added it to the post. I just did the guy test - I became Cary Grant!

Lolita said...

Amanda Cooper:
Many Myrna's here! Interesting, indeed!

Christopher said...

look at me I'm Sandra Dee!!...I got Bogie!

Maggie said...

I'm Myrna Loy too... I'm surprised I'm not carole lombard.

Jorgé said...

This was a very fun quiz, thank you for posting, Lolita. :]
I'm Myrna Loy and Cary Grant as well.

Amanda said...

I got Myrna Loy, too. I absolutely adore her, some I am more than happy to be Myrna Loy. Thanks for the fun test!

Mary said...

That was so much fun! I am Myrna Loy. My husband will be pleased, she's his favorite actress.

Elsie said...

I seem to never get very good results with these kinds of quizzes, but this time it was ok- I also got Myrna! :)

Anonymous said...

Great quiz!
I'm Carole Lombard....funny, I thought about her just the other day and how I liked her sense of humor!!

k5psb said...

Terrific! I ended up as Humphrey Bogart, which was a bit of a surprise, but he is my favorite male classic actor, so I'm certainly not disappointed.

Neat quiz! Thanks for sharing it.


Camelia Crinoline said...

Great quiz. I took it after I Wanna be June Cleaver! linked to it and I am Barbara Stanwyck.

Lolita said...

Wow! This was obviously popular!

A manly man!

There were many Myrnas among the women! But I wouldn't have minded if I got Lombard instead. But I think I'm more the Myrna Loy type!

Great! I also got Cary Grant ;)

I've put your link up under the Myrna Loy picture!

Good! My boyfriend liked my result too, and funny enough he was William Powell! ("Orgar")

Yes, this was an unusually fun and clever test! I often find tests like these very ridiculous, but this was really amusing!

Mrs. Bee:
What a coincidence! Congrats to being The Profane Angel!

No problem - thought it would be fun to find out who is who in our blogosphere! ;)

Camelia Crinoline:
I put you up as the, so far, sole emperor over the Barbara Stanwyck picture!

Mykal said...

Lolita: I am James Stewart. You know, I've been told that I am that "type" before! -- Mykal

Merriam said...

Neat quiz! I'm Carole Lombard.

Genevieve said...

Yay, that was a fun quiz! I got Myrna Loy as well : )

Lolita said...

You're that sweet, kind, sophisticated fellow, in other words!

Ah, swell!

Welcome to the club! ;)

DKoren said...

Fun! I came up Katherine Hepburn, which doesn't surprise me. For the classic leading man I came up Humphrey Bogart!

Christopher said...

I'm also Rosiland Russell! :o/

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