Monday, September 14, 2009

Smoking in Sweden

For once me and my boyfriend had a free day together when we weren't either partying or hung over, so we took a stroll around town and took some pictures. Why post them here? Well, I thought someone might find it a bit fun - and I got a request for pictures with me and my cigarette holder!

So I dressed my boyfriend up to look something like the-beat-generation-Jack-Kerouac-with-Beatles-haircut (and forcing him to smoke i front of the camera, poor bugger). I myself put on a 1970-ish black thingy and was ready for a photo shoot - unwashed hair and all.

Click on the photos for bigger, unflattering resolution, and enjoy!


Mykal said...

Lolita: Such a pretty girl. Your boyfriend took some great shots of you. The area around you two looks beautiful. Is it a park? Your boyfriend has the mod look from the late sixties down! -- Mykal

Diana. said...

Beautiful shots! and speaking of cigarettes holders...dou you recognize this one?

getsbis said...

ohh that's beautiful. especially your boyfriend, heheh ;) no really - nice photos, that was interesting to watch. by the way, did you you notice you have small, pretty witchy nose, lolita? (yes, i envy you)

Kate Gabrielle said...

If I smoked, I'd definitely want the cigarette holder! *jealous!*

Your pictures all look vintage, it's so neat!

Juliette. said...

Those are lovely! The angles, the clothes, the subject-- wonderful, and thanks forr sharing. :)

I've collected cigarette holders forr a few years...I don't smoke, but think they're gorgeous and classy nonetheless.

Christopher said...

wow...what great b&w fotos!.and all on a lark..You made your boyfriend put on a jacket and Tie and smoke! ha ha..aww Ma! do I gotta!?.looks good tho..and you look sexy in your cat suit!.meeooow..Valley of the Dolls...That bridge looks almost exactly like the one in the park down from my Apt...I imagine those pretty leaves will be falling soon.

Lolita said...

Thanks a lot! I of course only picked out those who made me look good, not the retarded ones... Haha. Great that I managed with my boyfriend's look - if a woman should to anything it is to dress her man right! Before I met him he never even wore shirts, hu-ha...
Well, not a park really. There goes a big stream through the city of Norrköping, and around it are some paths perfect for strolling around an take pictures ;) Quite a beautiful city I live in, actually!

Thanks! Oh, I'd recognize anything to do with Norma Desmond any day! ;)

Haha, I sure can pick them, eh? ;) Haha, witchy nose? I've heard that my nose is quite similar to Myrna Loy's, but not that I look like a witch! :)

Kate Gabrielle:
Ah, thanks! Good that we got the vintage feeling noticable!

Thanks a lot for your compliments! I hoped they would entertain ;)
Haha, funny hobby! Do you have any web site to recommend where you can find any cool ones?

Thanks, I hope I satisfied your request for a smoking Lolita! ;) Hehe, I'm a cruel girlfriend. I have to watch Valley of the Dolls...

Juliette. said...

Indeed. :)
Not really, I'm afirad. Generally I buy them from antique stores. Either way though, they're really fun to get or just look at.

Avalon76 said...

Lolita...what a beauty you are! Lovely photos! ^_^

Lolita said...

Wow, thanks!