Monday, May 25, 2009

Smoking women - part 2

I herewith serve you with part two on my Smoking Women series. This time I feature pictures of them glorious women. I think I'll go with every other post - videos, photos, videos etc.

Part 1

Bette Davis, relaxing in a sofa with an unfiltered cigarette.

Tippi Hedren share a smoking moment with a mysterious handsome man.

The always astonishing Carole Lombard.

Evelyn Brent. (Smoking in a film clip in part 1 of the series.)

Ann Sheridan in a queen like outfit.

Baby Peggy in a Carmen parody. (Oh, this is just wrong!)

Bette Davis once again. One could not look more vulnerable than that while smoking.

La garconne of the 1920's impersonated by Clara Bow. (Video in part 1.)

Enid Stamp Taylor with a stylish cigarette holder and a funny hat.

And Jean Harlow in an arty Lucky Strike commercial.


Anonymous said...

Bette Davis looks divine in that first photo, and j'adore Tippi Hedren's dress!

Ann beautiful. And you're right; Carole was always astonishing.

Lolita said...

What wouldn't one go through to get ahold of that dress, no? ;)

Millie said...

Hey, Lolita great post!

And I have awarded your blog the Friendly Blogger award!

Meredith said...

could the mysterious handsome man be sean connery? that's my guess. either way he fits the description of mysterious handsome man. ;)

Christopher said...

"Y'all put out those cigarettes now!!!..why I oughta!...smokin' and drinkin' and..ME'UN!
lol...I like the Ann Sheriden one..shes gots a heart shaped hairdo! :o)...Isn't that Robert Taylor with Tippi Hedren?

Lolita said...

I love that no one has made a comment about Baby Peggy holding a cig...

Thanks a lot! You're too sweet, you know that?

I have NO idea, actually! But yes, he sure pits the description!

Haha. As I said, no idea... But professional guesses from both of you!

Keith said...

These all look great. It may not be politically correct to say this, but I think women with cigarettes are incredibly sexy.

Lolita said...

Oh, political correctness is boring. I agree - that's why I started these series ;)

MissMatilda said...

Beautiful blog you have going on here, thanks for finding me.

I think that portrait you have of Carole was one of her last ones.

Lolita said...

Thanks a lot, hope you want to visit it more! And the same to you, very nice and homely blog!
Oh, really? It's a beautiful one. What a sad destiny for that amazing woman.

armouris said...

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