Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Save the Marx Brothers home!

I just came by this horrible information on the newly discovered Marx Brothers blog (which you should visit if your a Marxist, alongside with Matthew Coniam's wonderful The Marx Brothers Council of Britain).

179 E. 93rd Street, NYC, where the Marx Brothers spent their childhood years, is threatened of being torn down. Read more in the article in The New York Times here. I was pleased to read that Woody Allen, a true Marxist and personal friend of Groucho, had reacted on this.

Do you want to save the building? There's a petition to sign if you follow this link. You only need to fill in your name and email (the latter can be chosen to be hidden).

This can not be happening! And how helpless do not a little girl an another continent like me, feel? I plan to visit that address some time in my life, and it better be still there when I come, or else... "You know this means war!", to quote Groucho in A Night at the Opera (1935).


Robby Cress said...

How terrible! I can't believe anyone would tear that building down. What's worse is, it will probably be replaced with some tacky building or a parking lot. :0

Elizabeth said...

That's awful! They shouldn't be allowed to do something like that!

Lolita said...

Robby Cress:
No, the stupidity of men is always shocking. Yes, you're probably right... In the article in The New York Times they interview the man behind the project, he doesn't seem to have any feelin for cultural value.

That's what I think! Not without asking the people living there, and at least consider the affectionate value of the building.

I hope you all sign the petition! That's the least we can do.

Christopher said...

I was suprised that its still in as good a shape as it is...and it looks like a fairly nice shady neighborhood from this Video,which you've no doubt seen..


Lolita said...

No, I hadn't seen it! But it seems like a cosy building. I need to visit it, and it MAY NOT be torn down!

Keith said...

I'm definitely going to have to sign that petition. I wanna check out that blog. That's cool that there's a blog dedicated to the Marx Bros.

Kate Gabrielle said...

Hi! You're tagged again!
This time I created the tag :D
(And it's actually movie themed!)


crispy said...

Hello! It was just a few nights ago that we saw ''Horse feathers'' & ''Go West'' and in my blog (it's in greek...) I wrote a small post connecting ''Horse feathers'' and Woody Allen's movie ''Everyone says I love you''. I just adore the Marx Brothers especially Harpo.
The New York City council should preserve the Marx's house as a legacy and not tear it down.

Lolita said...

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Too bad I don't know Greek, I would have loved to read that post! Woody Allen's Marx references is always amusing! No, I hope they will reconsider...

Jorgé said...

I know how you feel. I have yet to visit the Marx Brothers childhood home as well, but plan to do it someday! I'll be absolutely devastated if they tear this precious place down.

Thank You so much for posting this "Save the Marx Brothers home!"!!

It is very important that everyone sign the petitions, and send a letter to Robert B. Tierney, who is the Chairman of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

We have the power to stop this by doing such, but we have to act fast. Also spread the word to others, everyone you know if possible. Every little bit contributed helps this effort!

Thank You!