Monday, May 11, 2009

New blog design

Colorized by Lolita

Well, what do you think about this more girly touch? I thought that since my personality is so  masculine, maybe I should place greater emphasis on the fact that I, indeed, am a woman. (You have probably had your doubts by this time.)

So - pink, pink, pink, some black dots and a wonderful cartoon self on the header, that my dear friend draw to me once when I needed some encourage. That will be the look of my blog for a while.
I will celebrate this new appearance with some charming bloopers from the filming of My Man Godfrey (1936). Carole Lombard's relaxed and "bawdy" personality really shines through when she misses the lines, irreplacable!


Kate Gabrielle said...

LOVE the new design! Very girly, indeed :D

Wow, what vocabulary!

Lolita said...

Kate Gabrielle:
Great! I'll take the opinions of my female fellow bloggers! )

Haha, thank you! I'm trying to expand my English as much as possible. (Don't use it as an every day language in Sweden, if some confused tourist doesn't ask for the way to the railway station or something...)

Meredith said...

i love the new design and i've always loved those my man godfrey outtakes. no gosh golly gees

Christopher said...

ooooo looky..I'm in a girls room!..woohoohoohoohoo(as daffy duck says)well as they say in the movies.NUTS NUTS NUTS....I like the cartoon picture.....Did "The Haunting" SCARE ya? it used to do me..still does actually..THe thing that gives me the biggest chills in that ,is the exterior shots of the House,looking like a big morgue!..Robert Wise claims to have had the camerman use a certain filter to get the house that deathly shade..

getsbis said...

yes. we love this new look!
and your friend is truly great drawer, I can tell!

Lolita said...

Thanks! Haha, yes, Lombard had a lovely personality! I can perfectly understand what Powell and Gable fell for!

Oh yes, The Haunting sure is on the top ten of the scariest films I've seen! All those twisted perspectives, she talking to herself and you don't know if it's just a narrating voice or if she's crazy, and all weird sounds you hear without seeing anything... Really freaky film!

Great Gatsby:
Great! And yes, I really admire her talent. I will transfer your compliment to her! :)