Sunday, March 15, 2009

Screentest for East of Eden

This film clip is a delight to watch. James Dean and Paul Newman make a screentest for East of Eden (1955).

Someone on YouTube has been ambitious enough to write down the dialogue. Quite amusing with the homosexual references!

0:02 - Director: ?
0:03 - Dean: Did they take...
0:05 - Newman: What what what what?
0:06 - Director: Look over here, look at me, alright. (0:08) Now over here, look at right at me, will ya? (0:11) Now above me, right above the camera. Look right at it. (0:14) Now don't ?, just look at that.
0:14 - Dean: Look at right in the goddamn lens?
0:16 - 0:27: (Repeat 0:00 - 0:15)
0:28 - Director: That's it, that's it. All right, now, come over here. Look at me. (0:32) Now look at each other.
0:33 - Newman: That's surly.
0:34 - Director: Now what do you think of each other?
0:35 - Dean: (Laughs)
0:35 - Newman: (Laugh) WOW! (0:37) Well, we can't print that.
0:40 - Director: You think you can, hit the bobby socks league? Answer me. (0:42) You think you can hit them? You think you can, hit the bobby socks league?
0:43 - Newman: Nnnnno.
0:46 - Dean: Yeah, all that wanna go.
0:50 - Director: Jimmy...
0:50 - 0:55: (No audio)
0:56 - Newman: To the point of whether I go for the girl, though, you know?
0:58 - Director: Aw, you think the ? the girls will go for Jim.
1:01 - Newman: Oooh. Great.
1:01 - Director: Look at?
1:03 - Dean: Kiss me.
1:04 - Newman: Can't here.
1:07 - Director: Okay, look straight over there, look down. That's it.
1:10 - Newman: He's a surly bastard. (1:13) What?
1:13 - Director: Exchange.. he is nice. Exchange places. (1:17) Trade places. Swap.
1:18 - Newman: Swap.
1:20 - Dean: Turn my back to him ..?..
1:21 - Director: Now, nose to nose. Look right at each other, profile.
1:24 - Newman: Yeah?


Nicole said...

When I first saw this clip about 2 years ago, I couldn't stop watching it. I thought Paul and James were hilarious in that clip. Thanks for putting it up on your blog. :)

Lolita said...

Of course! I love it. I aim to post more funny YouTube-stuff I find when I don't have anything better to do!

didysis getsbis said...

haha, that was interesting and fun to watch... right now i'm busy with school and all, so i don't have much time for my hobbies -- old movies, actors and stuff included -- and it's lovely to find something for my taste in rss reader. thanks, L!

/ by the way, my nickname in lithuanian means The Great Gatsby. it doesn't matter i'm a girl ;) aaand i appreciate your last comment to mine!

Millie said...

Hahaha, I've seen this before. I can see why James Dean got the role though. Paul Newman's bow-tie was just NOT a good look!

Lolita said...

The Great Gatsby:
School's out. Yuk. I'm happy I can sit with my blog all day long and to nothing good for the world. Be back soon!

No, not very bad-boy about Newman's image there...

Nik said...

wow, I am the last one to have seen this...I am so behind.

I can't begin to imagine the course of film history had Newman not worn the bow tie and ended up being cast in this movie.

Lolita said...

That's a very interesting thought. Dean had probably never gotten the Rebel Without a Cause role either. And would he have been able to but that Porsche that killed him in the end...? Hmm.