Monday, March 2, 2009

Queen - I Want to Break Free (1984)

Dear readers.
I've decided that I in thos blog also will include music videos, since that also is a kind of cinematic art. And I will start this new tradition with Queen's in the USA rejected music video to their 1984 hit I Want to Break Free.

I Want to Break Free

Director: David Mallet
United Kingdom 1984
4:28 min

Parts of this very amusing music video (when the band members are dressed up as women) is a parody of the northern British soap opera Coronation Street, broadcasted in the 1960's. The music video also contains the band members in what to seems to be a coal mine in their normal look, but that soons turns into a section containing the Royal Ballet where lead singer Freddie Mercury has shaven off his infamous moustache to portray ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.

But here is the funny trivia. This video ruined Queen in America, and it was banned by MTV until 1991! Although the song reached the top-ten list in most other countries, it never got farther than the 45th place in the USA.
But I say the same thing as Peter Griffin in Family Guy: Freddie Mercury can't be gay, he has a moustache for Christ's sake! That is equal to a wedding ring. I can't see what the Americans were so afraid of?


Paul Brazill said...

Coronation Street is still alive and creaking. nice blog.

Lolita said...

Paul Brazill:
Thank you!