Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm not that stupid

To those who may interpret me as a misogynist, feminist hater or terrorist supporter:
(For those who haven't even had the thought that I would be a mean person - just look at the pictures and enjoy.)

I may be blonde in the picture above, but I'm not that stupid. This is a film blog, and it would be stupid (which I'm not, at least not that stupid) to sneak in upsetting political comments to scare off my readers. One could compare that hypothetical deed to the popular urban legend that Tommy Hilfiger once said that he didn't want black people or Asians to wear his clothes. That would just be stupid.

Even though this is a classic film blog, I have obviously made some political comments every now and then - but that is either for harmless comical reasons or that the Swedish minister of justice has an IQ of a football and recently has proven it yet again. I.e. nothing that should upset my, mostly American, readers.

Why do I then feel the need to explain myself? I have no fucking idea, and I despise myself for it. It's fucking common sense that I do not hate women for being women, that I do knot know enough about feminist history to know that some amazing things have been accomplished, or that I would be as ignorant as to have some underlying hatred for all Americans just because your ex-President was considered totally loopy by great parts of the world population.

My real political opinions are rather normal and boring, to tell you the truth, and therefore I may spice them up with obviously bizarre comments if I feel like making a brief reference to political opinions. Like "all women are usually whiny bitches".

Thankfully, 99% of my readers seem to have brains enough not to think twice about it. Thankfully, most of those people who do find my blog disturbing just go to some other area of the pretty big world of the Internet. Thankfully, most people probably don't want to waste their valuable time giving pathetic life lessons in the comment section of a blog post they didn't like.

Thankfully, most of my dear readers also understand that this is a classic film blog for movie nerds - and that politics have nothing to do with the subject.

I guess everyone that was born with a sense of humor can see the difference between making fun of innocent victims of a national disaster, and a lighthearted reference to the incident as a whole. The latter does not mean "yay for terrorism and loads of civilians ending up dead".

In Sweden the MS Estonia disaster of -94 (852 deaths, read more about it here) is still a touchy subject, especially with the state-smuggling-weapons-on-board-and-therefore-didn't-raise-the-ship conspiracy theory attached to it. Just adorable.

That doesn't mean that we would go berserk if someone mentions it - or even jokes about it. If it shows to be a tasteless joke, then one can be pretty calm with the notion that it was spoken by a pathetic person not worthy of my attention.

So... are we cool now? If not, just remember that I will not beg on my knees to explain something obvious and (for the theme of my blog) irrelevant again. I will do a lot for my readers, but when it comes to this shit once is enough. When (hopefully "if") similar comments about me being an asshole reach my comment section, I will just answer with a link to this post.

Notice that I never delete the comments - they are pretty entertaining in a way too.

Inception (2010) was, by the way, a mind blowing film that I would recommend to about anyone.

It's clever (took about eight years to write!) and original - something that I never dare to expect to come from Hollywood since the 1960's. Don't read too much about it before watching it, though. Or, do - you will not understand a thing anyway and will not be able to spoil it for yourself. You only have to know that the film centers around the concept of being able to break into and manipulate dreams - an ability that some would pay a lot to be able to exploit. Oh, and that dear, dear Marion Cotillard is in it.

And the film nerd's favorite:


Eva said...

Love you.


Merriam said...

Good for you Lolita. You told 'em.

Lolita said...

Love you too, sis!

Hehe, I just had to blow off some steam so I can focus on classic film reviews again. Feels much better now!

The Divine Miss J said...

You know you're just awsome right darlin`?
And Inception....*sigh*... Can we go and see it? I wanna see it agin and again and again... and have very naughty thoughts about frickin' 3rd Rock from the Sun Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's on my wishlist for Xmas...(I'll be a GOOD girl)

Matthew Coniam said...

I wouldn't dare argue with you...
Did you see there's some interesting Rathbone stuff at

Lolita said...

Divine Miss J:
How can anyone survive our awesomeness when we're together? I think surviving that is some special super power.
Let's do it! I had some very filthy thoughts about him too - I didn't recognize him! Oh, those clothes and that back slick makes him look like he's from the 1930's. Yum!

Matthew Coniam:
For some reason I have heard that comment from men in my family too... I'm too much like my mother.
Thank you for that link! That cover art was awesome!

Chris Edwards said...

Off-colour jokes?

No problem.

Recommending 'Inception'?

THAT'S unethical.

Lolita said...

Chris Edwards:
I think not recommending Inception is a hate crime.

Chris Edwards said...

I disagree, but as a Canadian, I'm forced to do it politely!

Matthew Coniam said...

Bet you'd like to get your hands on one of these:

Lolita said...

Matthew Coniam:
You're evil! I would cut off my hand(s) to own that book!

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

I looked at the pictures (as I was supposed to do..) and enjoyed it very very much. ;"P

Lolita said...

Frl. Irene Palfy:
Haha, good girl!