Thursday, August 5, 2010

Al Pacino needs to burn

Oh, no. It's nothing personal. I don't mind Pacino, even though he seldom plays anything but a hot-tempered sociopath. He was good as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice (2004), though. The combination of an angry Italian and Shakespeare is priceless.

So now I will explain why he has to burn.

I got this weird text from my mother today. "I found Al Pacino under the freezer. Do you want him?"

Usually I have quite a good imagination, but this time I had no idea what she meant. I called her up, and obviously she found a Scarface (1983) poster under the freezer while cleaning. Don't ask me how it ended up there, but I suddenly burst into laughter. You see, this was one more or less treasured possession of an ex-boyfriend of mine (and I can't say that he had great taste in films) - the same person that took off with my Beatles Rubber Soul vinyl (that he had giving to me, after some manipulation) when I dumped him. The same person that was bitter enough as to describe to me on his blog as "an evil she-devil that exploited me both emotionally and economically". That post is a regular laughing stock on parties, so thank you dear!
(I won't give you the blog address since it is A in Swedish, and B mostly pretentious crap about how blue he feels and what emo music he listens to.)

Okay, so I kind of manipulated him into paying for a Bob Dylan concert at The Globe in Stockholm, but that was after I broke it off. I mean, what did I have to lose on a free concert? If he was naive enough to think that I would take him back because I got to watch a drunk and confused (but incredibly cool) music legend from the front row, he has only himself to blame.

I thought that I should set fire to the poster with the cigar I got as a wedding gift from my friend. Maybe I will paint on a grease mustache and eyebrows, while laughing maniacally. Moahaha!

(I guess you all could guess that I haven't watched too many classic movies lately, so I have to write about anything remotely related that comes to mind.)


Merriam said...

LMAO I feel so very unclassic movie fannish when I realize I like posts that are the most off topic. This was quite hilarious. I am definitely in favor of burning the poster.

Jennythenipper said...

Thos scarface posters should just be an automatic deal breaker. "Say hello to my leetle friend." Yeah, well, say good-bye to mine, bucko.

Love angry rants about exes and old movies.

Lolita said...

They are quite fun to write too ;) I think mixing the reviews up with personal rants is healthy for the spirit!
You're hereby my partner in crime, haha!

Yeah, I guess I was quite naive myself to think that relationship would work... Now I have a husband that lets me dress the walls with flapperdoodles and good movie posters! (With Pandora's Box beside the bed. He threw up on it last New Year's, though.)

The Divine Miss J said...

Have you ever met an person with a Scarface-poster that's not a douchbag with a very tiny penis and a lot of aggresive behavior to cover that "tiny penis"-bit up?
I thougth those things went hand in hand!

But I have to defend dear ol' Al here. He has done a couple of fine movies.I have to say I love him in Tha Godfather (first movie for heavens sake!) and Farnkie and Johnny is a cute film in that 90's sad romance thingy :)

Tomorrow is champange-day darlin'!!

Millie said...

"Okay, so I kind of manipulated him into paying for a Bob Dylan concert at The Globe in Stockholm....."


I ADORE this post! Haha!

And yes, I DO think you should burn the poster. SERIOUSLY!

And congratulations on your wedding (which happened a while ago now....I'M LATE AGAIN! ;-D)!

Darsh said...

So you'd ever get fucking married or what? Where's the post with the wedding photos?!

Lolita said...

The Divine Miss J:
You're description is pretty valid, although his penis was more weird than small.
Oh, yeah - a young Al Pacino is fine stuff. But the only thing I remember from Frankie and Johnny is the incredibly painful scene when Michelle Pfeiffer learns him how to scream when he ejaculates - I had to shower three times before I felt clean again after watching that scene. Ugh.

May I adopt you, honey? I think you would be a great little sister, even though I'd probably make you decadent beyond repair in a day or two.
Thank you! Pictures will come, have patience!

Yes, I got fucking married! And it was awesome. The thing about pictures, though... My friend and professional photographer told me that it is his privilege to hold on to the photos until he is finished editing them. You know - thin waist, big boobs... that kind of stuff. But then I will post them here, promise!

Millie said...

HECK YEAH! I already have two older sisters...but I will of course make room for the stupendously amazingly cool Lolita! ;-D

Matthew Coniam said...

Yes - burn that effing poster!
Video yourself doing it and post it on the site.
And we'll have less soppy talk about Al having good points, please. He does three things and three things only:
1. Shout
2. Mumble
3. Annoy me.

And congrats on the wedding!
Two and a half months and it'll be me too. Great to see you have no intention of being tamed by the institution of marriage!

All the best,

Christopher said...

Als gotta see Scent of A Woman if you haven't already..its a gritty charmer..nothing else like it in this day...
love your new profile pic..its my fave! ;o)

Tom said...

You Lady are such a freak! I can't understand your anger... and what the hell has Al Pacino to do with your emotional confusions about your ex-boyfriend. Sounds all very strange to me... and in some way he was important enough that you mention him here... think about that, you cruel cruel girl... ;-) consult a psycologist I suggest

Later Tom

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you even CONSIDER burning anything with Al on it! That guy is so HOT, he will burn YOU! lol