Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tallulah Bankhead on Baby Snooks Show

Actress and comedienne Fanny Brice (remember her from The Great Ziegfeld?) had a popular radio show called The Baby Snooks Show and aired on radio from 1939 to 1947.

I thought I'd share an episode with bon vivant Tallulah Bankhead (my post on her from February here), very funny!


Elizabeth said...

I love the Baby Snooks show! Fanny Brice is very talented!

I actually have a piece of sheet music from her in the Ziegfeld days:

Robby Cress said...

Very funny stuff. I just added The Great Ziegfeld to my movie watching queue.

getsbis said...

you won't believe me. today I looked through your labels searching for tallulah, because I remembered that you've written about her. and yes - thank you - you really did. the thing is, I didn't know nothing about tallulah before.

I've just read a book about zelda fitzgerald and there was a lot of about tallulah - she was one of best zelda's friends. they used to be wild and eccentric in their young age. they've done lot of together.

so by now I am obsessed not only with zelda's personality but also with tallulah's. I am a huge fan of both fitzgeralds, you know.

that book is 'Alabama Song' by Gilles Leroy. I wish you could find and read it. there is so much about twenties. like a time machine, believe me.

so, um, okay. there I finish ;) goodnight.

Lolita said...

I love "My Man" with her, from The Great Ziegfeld! I will check up your link when I get home, right now I'm at a friend drinking too muck beer and white wine!

Robby Cress:
Oh, see it! Preferably on a day when you have nothing at all to do (hangover day?), so you can enjoy the three hours of delight to the full!

Great Gatsby:
You may write how long comments as you want! I love to communicate with my equals!
I will sure look for that book, thanks for the tip. I bid on her biography Save the Last Dance on tradera (a Swedish ebay site), but someone got it instead of me :(

Tallulah must be one of the most adorable, charismatic person in film history! Too bad that she got on the wrong foot with Bette Davis, I think they might have been good friends if the circumstances were otherwise...

I actually didn't know that Tallulah and Zelda were good friends! Thanks for that info! I will look more into this.

Good night to ya all!