Monday, April 27, 2009

A short pause

So, the Chaney week has passed (I would have wanted more blog posts, but who says I can't review more Chaney films later on?), and I've been a little abscent.
First I had a disgusting pain-in-the-ass fever, and now I have to use my spare time packing boxes for moving to a new apartment. No up-grade though, the balcony and the bathroom takes up almost the entire apartment, and I will have a little cooking corner. But I plan to drape the walls with my whole DVD-collection, I'll have a bathtub and a big bed. (Yay!) Oh, and the rent will go down with 3000 crowns ($ 366), and I'll have more money to spend on wine, cigarettes and classic films.
So be patient, I'll be back soon!


getsbis said...

sounds fine to me! good luck with new apartment. it is a flat, yes? well do you like location, where it is? I'm always curious about moving to a new place... it's like a little new start.

Elizabeth said...

Would you believe that that picture of Laurel and Hardy hangs on my bedroom wall?

I'm sorry you got sick, but it will be nice to put on your movies out in your new house! And $300 extra a month IS a nice little bonus for hobbies!

João Lisboa said...

"Pause", Lolita.

Lolita said...

Great Gatsby:
Yes, the location is on the North Avenue, very central. So that's great. And the balcony is big too, like a square. Perfect for parties! But I'm so f*cking tired of moving! I haven't been together with my boyfriend for a year and a half, and it's still the fifth time we move! That's not healthy.

Cool! Haha. Nice book shelf!

João Lisboa:
Oops, wrote it in Swedish. A common mistake when you never have the energy to re-read your texts for spelling mistakes!

Christopher said...

ugh..I don't know whats worse..moving or being sick?!Back when I had my Truck ,everyone picked on me to help them move!.."Well you got a Truck,Surely you must like to MOVE!?"..yeah right!..I like to MOVE away from people and their BAGGAGE..Well so now you will have a nice new place to start memories of over again..and have some extra dough!..look forward to more Chaney in the future!..and even Stan and Ollie!..and who knows?!..maybe even Bull Montana!;o)

Kate Gabrielle said...

Aww, feel better Lolita!
You must post pics when you have your new flat -- I'd love to see that wall of DVDs!

Lolita said...

Oh no, I've never asked anyone "Hey, you have a car with a wagon, of course you will help me move!"... *clears throat* At least I can be a little charming when I ask!

Kate Gabrielle:
Great idea! I certainly will do that. When I hav bought the book shelves...

Christopher said...

oh I'd help you move..might be amusing to see your wall to wall dvd collection..I'm no better..In another few months of collecting I may have to move out of my small place so my dvds can take over!...Nothing beats my cousin tim (also on GAOH)tho!!He has to put little colored stickups on the ones he hasn't seen he can find them..

Lolita said...

That's impressingly nerdy! I love to re-sort my DVD collection. Sometimes in alphabetical order, sometimes chronological, and one time I even put them in my purchase order! But mostly, I have them in different categories, like westerns, Golden Collection, Hitchcock collection and so on. I'm quite a nerd too!

Keith said...

Hey Lolita. Good luck with the movie. Hope you are over your your illness now with the flu. Take care. I wish you the best. Cheers!

Christopher said...

I need to get a Billy Wilder collection well as a Hitchcock!..I've seen their films so many times..and collect odds and ends of their works..but they REALLY are worthy of a full blown collection!

Justine said...

Hi Lolita, I came to your blog from the Decades I Love site...Linda pointed me to you. This blog is wonderful and I will come back to explore it more.

Good luck with your move, and I hope you are feeling better.--Justine

Lolita said...

Thanks a lot, your words are warming!

I have too few Billy Wilder films, really. I only have Sunset Blvd, Some Like It Hot, Sabrina and The Seven Year Itch, and that's a shame. Really great movies, though!

Welcome to my blog! It always makes me happy when I hear that my blog entertain and interest. You can always use the search field in the upper left corner to see if I have written anything about your favourite actors.
Thanks for the kind words, I'll be back with information filled, photo stuffed blog posts soon!

Millie said...

Hey, Lolita, I Splashed your blog! You can check out the details at my blog.