Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another theme week

I just had an idea on who will be my subject in my next theme week, that I thought I would start off tomorrow, Monday. He is also one of my greatest film gods, that I haven't yet had time to more than mention in passing in this blog:

The Man of a Thousand Faces -
Lon Chaney Sr

I will start off the Lon Chaney week with i portrait post on him tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Sebina said...

Glad you love him too. Look forward to your posts ;)

PH said...

This face looks bogey-esque, huh? I love black & whites.

I've been watching modern B&Ws lately--Stranger than Paradise, Dead Man, Rumblefish--but the oldies are so much infinitely good-ier. :)

I've just queued up Cleo from 5 to 7. Have you seen that? 1960s French film.

Elizabeth said...

I cannot say enough about Lon Chaney! When you read about what he put in his makeup it makes you wonder that he wasn't killed at a much younger age (well, younger than he was!) He put himself through SO much for each character mentally and my opinion he was the best actor of the silent era!

Kate Gabrielle said...

ooh, very much looking forward to the week now :)

Christopher said...

I knew something was sorely lacking around here! ;op
My earliest favorite old film star!
I just got thru watching a batch of his films led to another,couldn't get enough of them!..

Lolita said...

I hope I can satisfy!

Nope, haven't seen that one! Something I should look up?

Yes, he was a real fascinating fellow! Talk about determination, self discipline and passion! I'll see what I can make of the week :)

Kate Gabrielle:
Great that it seemed like a good idea to my visitors!

Yes, Chaney is like a drug. I realized that many of his films are hard to get, but I will put all of my effort into writing as much about them as possible! I hope the result will satisfy.

Keith said...

Wow! I can't wait. I'm a big fan of his so this will be really cool. Hope you've had a great weekend. Cheers!