Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Fun: No. 30

"In Soviet Russia, our dogs have twice as many heads as they do in the Capitalist West!"

Funny thing! Russians experimenting with dogs! I wonder what the reasoning was.

"Hmm, those Americans are winning this sciency spacey race-thingy... What to do, what to do...? Da, of course! We take a puppy head and put it on another doggy, and then we have a pet than can carry a newspaper in one mouth and a pair of slippers in the other! Na zdorovye, comrades!"

The Soviet scientist behind this and similar experiments was Sergei Brukhonenko. The following film is perhaps not for the faint of heart, but hugely fascinating for people with morbid interests like me. It's called Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (D.I. Yashin, 1940) and it's in public domain. The version below has English narration.

Of course, these kinds of experiments were executed mostly for propaganda reasons, showing Big Brother of the West how high tech the Dr. Frankensteins of Vodka County were. The dogs didn't live for long, and the reactions on external stimuli of the separated head are mostly reflexes. But yeah. Give me your opinions.


Toncho said...

Hahahahahaha while, I do not support experimenting with animals. I absolutely loved this post. Keep it up Lolita! Oh and read your email every now and then, will ya'? :)

Brad Krohn said...

As a veterinarian I am disgusted, but your writing has me jah-captivated. And I was only looking for a random opinion on Woody Allen films...where have you been all me life?

Brad "Brad" Krohn