Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick comment on The Dark Knight Rises

Watch it!!

Want me to be a little bit more articulate? Well, okay. Just let me sip my coffee for a while first.

...it was cold. Never mind then.

So, I went to watch the new Batman movie after having spent five crazy hours riding roller coasters. At the very least the movie was entertaining. Visually impressing. Special effects were great. Yadda-yadda. I have nothing to add there. Therefore I won't analyze the film, but I'm just going to bring up the few things that made an impression on me. Because let's face it: the expectations were sky high as usual, and mostly Nolan and his ensemble managed to match them. Quite expectantly.

I love the superhero trend that makes the superheroes not superheroes. Who can't identify with Bruce Wayne? Filthy rich, great political and financial influence, handsome, fit, saves the world... has a British butler... Okay, I give up on that train of thought. What I mean is that he doesn't fly or shoot spider web out of his hands. Wait, he does fly nowadays... Fuck. He gets his ass kicked by the villain, that's what I'm trying to get at. That's refreshing. (Cinema studies at university level, thank you!)

I may be a little wishful here, but I've decided that Nolan is a history geek. And I like that. There is one Storming of the Bastille-scene that convinced me that people would find history much more exciting if Robespierre had only been a Darth-Vader-mask-wearing broiler. See below. (And here's a link to Wikipedia for my American readers.)

Scene from the film. See what I mean?

And lastly - Anne Hathaway. I despised that woman before. Too cute, too much forced likability. Now I think she's amazing. Damn! Nice to see a strong female character that isn't through-and-through EVIL. Okay, she's still a sex symbol. But so is Christian Bale. Doesn't that mean that our society is equal, when we objectify men too...?

That's enough for today. My brain is still vacation jelly. I'll deal more seriously with movies later. Maybe. Until then, decide whether or not you're a feminist; if you drool more over Christian Bale than Anne Hathaway, you probably are! According to my definition, and that's the one that counts.

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