Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Want Joan Fontaine on your cell phone?

How suiting, after just having been enthralled by Miss Fontaine in The Women (1939)!

I just found this glorious photo while clicking around on Nicole's blog Classic Hollywood Nerd and ended up reading a birthday post for Joan Fontaine on October 22. It felt like a perfect photo to colorize and make a wallpaper of, so here they are. Just click on them to open another tag, and then save to your computer!

Widescreen 16:10
(1680x1050 px)

Standard 4:3
(1600x1200 px)

Computer nerd resolution 5:4
(1280x1024 px)

And my latest idea: cell phone background
(240x320 px, that's at least what my phone has.)


Elizabeth said...

I left a reply comment for you on my blog, but then I wasn't sure if you saw it or not, so I thought I'd better say it again here! ;)

I would LOVE to do a guest post for you! I'm thinking on maybe doing one for "The Kid Brother" (1927.) How does that sound? It's really surprisingly artistic, and deserves some more attention from Lloyd fans. I'm about to move across the country though, so it might take a while for me to get it all written up, but I'll try to write it as quickly as I can!

Lolita said...

Sounds great! I'll answer you on your blog :)