Saturday, January 9, 2010

Elvis in '56

Damn it, I forgot. Yesterday was Elvis Presley's 75th birthday, and there is probably a gazillion photos and honor blog posts around that I can't beat. What I can do is to offer a few un-staged photos of the rock icon.

These pictures are taken by a photographer called Alfred Wertheimer in 1956. My favorites among these are the backstage kissing photos, but all them are beautifully natural and shows a relaxed (and oh-so-handsome) Elvis. I hope you'll enjoy.


Bill Stankus said...

Elvis in 1956 was probably his best moment. After that he went downhill - ballads & movies all driven by Colonel Parker.

Mykal said...

"Treat me like a fool. Treat me mean and cruel. Just love me."

Happy birthday, King. -- Mykal

Christopher said...

wow...never seen those fotos before...Was just watching a doc on the King up to 1956 on PBS..

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I'm neither here nor there on Elvis. What I do know is that I like your blog, which is why I gave you an award. So head over to MY blog and spread the love.

Lolita said...

Bill Stankus:
Yes, 1950's Elvis is by far my favorite. And look at that hairstyle!

Sadomasochistic poetry is the real thing.

Great! I was hoping that more than me found the photos new and exciting ;)

Wow, thank you! Really heartwarming on a day-after-the-night-before :)

Christopher said...

I'll always feel a connection with a guy who was attacked in the high school bathroom by scissor happy rednecks...Elvis was a real freak of nature and therin lay the appeal!

Jürgen said...

I like this pictures.I have this book Elvis ´56 and its absolutly great.I like Elvis and his music.For me the most greatest voice in the world regards