Monday, February 9, 2009

Wilson, Keppel and Betty

When Tutankhamun's grave was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, an Egyptian fever infected the world. Fashion designers, dancers, architects and house decoraters were just a few of those who were inspired by this craze.

Let me present to you Wilson, Keppel and Betty with their popular British Music Hall act - The Sand Dance. Clip from ca 1934.
Funny trivia - They always brought their own sand to the shows, even when they played in Las Vegas!


Elizabeth said...

Fun! Did you know they were banned in Germany because they had too much leg on show?

Lolita said...

Haha, no they weren't! That's just... lame. Haha. Thanks for the trivia!

kevin said...

Hi. I met Wilson, Kepple & Betty at the New Theatre, Cardiff sometime in the late 1950's. I sneaked round the stage door and they invited me in for a cup of tea. The doorman came to throw me out, but they wouldn't let him until I'd finished my tea and biscuits. They were really nice gentlemen, and they gave me a beautiful autographed card written in copperplate and with a photo. Sadly, I've lost it!

riddlywalker said...

Thanks Lolita- I was looking for this troupe to show one of my students- who was doing a perfectly serious piece about memory, and using found photos of someone's Egypt trip in about 1945....ten of us ended up roaring with laughter....a rare thing in a british Art School in these days of insane right wing politics.