Sunday, February 22, 2009

Right America Feeling Wronged (2009)

Right America Feeling Wronged: Some Voices from the Campaign Trail
Director: Alexandra Pelosi
USA 2009
45 min

During the McCain-Obama political campaign 2008 Alexandra Pelosi followed the republican campaign trail, interviewing civilians and volunteers. The gathered material is shown in this documentary, without any opinions from the director, producer and cinematographer herself.

The documentary begins with John McCain pronouncing that Barack Obama won the election. We see the faces of terrified republicans in the audience, some are crying.
One woman is asked what she thinks of America now.

- I am scared to death.

- It is supposed to read "Say no to socialism"?
- It SAYS "Say no to socilism."
- You spelled it wrong!
- I did? Do you have a marker?
- No. So, what is socialism?
- There is a definition... I can look it up really quickly. (He picks up his cell phone).
- Tell me yourself.
- Well, eh... Socialism... it's basically like the views of Hitler. It's like the in between... ehm... it's like in between... uhm... communism and... ehm... I can't remember what the other word is, but it is between... It's like the medium between communism and another view, but I don't know exactly what that is.

Barack Obama is a terrorist. Obama - Osama. It's the SAME thing!
When they swear him in he's going to have his hand on the Koran, and he's going to take off his mask, ans he's going to be Osama bin Laden, that's who he is!

Well, that was just a little appetizer. You really should see this, all of you.
Of course, I can't tell whether this looks as freaky to other Americans as it does for me, little Inga from Sweden. But I guess it does, since the documentary is made by an American woman.
I'm just happy that the majority of the American people voted right. Brings some hope to the rest of the world.


Kate Gabrielle said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm planning on it. I saw Pelosi on the Rachel Maddow show the other day, and the clips from McCain rallies were just SCARY! At least we can watch this with the comfort of knowing that their candidate didn't win--imagine what this documentary would have felt like if Obama lost!

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what to say... originally, I was all for Hillary, but I decided to go with Obama, even though I am pro life. I decided there needed to be change and hope in America as well. (I didn't vote though; wasn't old enough)! all those dear Republicans know that Ronald Wilson Reagan's name had six letters in each of them? Yup, 666. WHY do people have to be so radical all the time? I guess I have never understood the radical tendencies of Republicans and Democrats because I'm a moderate. (I guess Bobby Kennedy, my hero, was a radical, but he was pro peace).

Lolita said...

Kate Gabrielle:
Oh, I don't think I could have watched the documentary if McCain had won... Or felt that I wanted to visit the country (not to mention live in it!). I said to my beau when we watched it that I couldn't even have seen it DURING the election, my emotions would have given me a heart attack!

How old do you need to be to vote in the US?
Well, I think there's many pro-life people in both sections, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Haha, he was the Devil! Well, of course their radical. It seems that almost all radicals are rednecks without any influences from other parts of the country than their little village. They need to save their crop, and a nigger as a president would ruin it!
Sorry that I'm a little mean, but I can't help it. Was born that way.

João Lisboa said...

Then... a horror-documentary! Schizoamerica in all its glory. I definitely have to see it.

Lolita said...

João Lisboa:
Do it! But be sure to have someone with you to hold your hand.

Anonymous said...

You have to be eighteen; election was on November 4th, I didn't turn 18 until January.

Lolita said...

Same as in Sweden then. Lucky Obama won, even without your vote!
We got the wrong guy last election, but he's gonna go the next election! Our Prime Minister looks like a big baby. He's despicable. Look for yourself:

Would you want that fellow to rule your country?

João Lisboa said...

Praise The Net!

Got it, DVDed it, seen it!...

On the one hand, it strengthens all our worst prejudices about everything we already suspected redneck Amerika is - not a beautiful sight at all; on the other hand, it's great to see it knowing that it was the losing side on last November's elections.

The scary thing is that those losers are certainly strong enough to - in a swing of political circumstances - become the winners again.

João Lisboa said...