Friday, September 3, 2010

Bonnie Blue Butler

I just read that the actress playing the ill-fated (and quite spoiled) daughter of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler in my favorite lying-in-the-sofa-being-sick-and-feeling-sorry-for-yourself classic film Gone With the Wind (1939), Cammie King, has died aged 76.

I read a cute quote from her, about working with Clark "The Hunk" Gable:

"He was such a warm, friendly man. When he kissed me, his mustache tickled. I'd tell that to my mother's friends and they'd swoon."
No wonder! By the way: I just realized how sad it is to first realize that there still are some people alive having experienced immortal classics like GWTW, only when they have died. A quite disturbing paradox. Anyway - R.I.P.

I will keep this post short only for the one reason that so many found my Fred-Ginger-crossbreeding photo so disturbing, that I want it to still be the first thing visible when visiting my blog. Just for a little while.

And yeah, I feel terrible for STILL not having come back full time, blogging with that 110% energy that I always do. (Ha! Hope I trick at least some of you that I put any thought what so ever in my writing.) Here's why:

The school has, finally, started again - the current subject is Television History. Enormously fascinating, since it is mostly crap with a few glimpses of potential every now and then. Just enough glimpses of hope that you become devastated over and over again of the pure shit that drowns it. If you want an angry Briton to spew all over it instead of a narcissistic Swede, check out Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe. I give you the first third of the first episode of the first season. (That was a confusing sentence. But I bet nobody reads it too close anyway.)

The second reason why I am so neglecting, is that it's a quite crazy situation politically in Sweden now. The election is September 17, and until then I just have to keep up to date with all rotten vegetables the politicians throw at each other to respectfully win the confidence of the voters. Aren't politics just nice?

Anyway, to sooth your anger you can see the following evidence of me being the most glamorous bride this summer. Crown Princess Victoria is nothing compared to my awesomeness. See you soon!

About the wedding dress (I got a question in the comment section): I bought it on Forever21, and the standard wedding dress in Sweden is the princess-of-a-day white silky ones, which I wouldn't feel comfortable in.

And yes, my maids of honor are that beautiful. In fact, all Swedish women are beautiful, so come here on your next vacation.


Divine Miss J said...

Me and The Amazing Miss L makes awsome bridesmaides. Love the pics darlin'

And I'm a bit jealous that I haven't gotten my face (or any other part of my body) tickled by that handsome mustache of Mr. Gable. I was born in the wrong decade! Blast!

Emmy said...

I still have to read/watch Gone with the Wind...I believe I shall put it on my library list straight away ;)

Kim said...

Yes it does always seem I learn that classic stars were still alive only after they passed away. :(

Bonnie Blue Butler was a memorable child performance. Rest in Peace Mrs. Cammie King.

Elizabeth said...

You look lovely in your wedding dress! :)

Darsh said...

Keep us updated with the Early Television classes. I'm fascinated with the early years of TV especially the shows that were on for years but are now forgotten.

Lolita said...

Divine Miss J:
Look at it from the bright side: if you and I had been born in a decade to enabled mustache tickling, you and I would not be friends but instead fight to the death for Mr. Gable!

Do that! You won't regret it. Not that I have read the book yet, but I have two editions of it in my book shelf. In Swedish, but that will do!

It gives one bad conscience, doesn't it? We have to compensate by giving our tributes post mortem.

Thank you, honey!

I'm glad for the encouragement! I'm thinking about writing a post about the first (and incredibly popular) Swedish talk show, Hylands Hörna ("Hyland's Corner"), run from 1962-1983. I had the pleasure to see a some of it yesterday in film class, and it's an interesting example of American TV's influence on the rest of the world.

Darsh said...

I love GWTW and have seen it so many time I can't even count...I even have it on my phone! LOL.

"GWTW" the novel is actually much better than the movie and way different. I even liked "Scarlett" especially the end, never seen the movie though.

Lolita said...

I watch it almost every time I get a cold, and that is like once a month. I should get a new phone so I, too, can watch it whenever I want... What a cinematic experience it must be on a 1x1 inch screen!

Gaah, I have to read the book! But isn't Scarlett by a totally different and unrelated author? I have heard a lot of negative comments about it.

Darsh said...

A 4.5" x 2.4" screen isn't the greatest way to watch a movie, but when you're stuck somewhere without a TV it's better than nothing.

Yes, the book was written by somebody else, but it's better than nothing.