Saturday, December 12, 2009

Over the Top blog award

Matthew Coniam over at Movietone News awarded me with the Over the Top blog award, but considering the name of the award... is it really a compliment? But of course, me being over the top is nothing I haven't heard before. So thank you, Matthew! (I ignore all possible hidden insults.)

I'm supposed to answer a few questions and pass on the award to some people. Again, considering the name of the award, I believe I will choose the fellow bloggers who differs most from the masses. Don't be sorry if you're not nominated, though! I always through away blog awards like rice at a wedding, this time I just feel like being more selective:

Kate Gabrielle: Yikes, all her blogs are entertaining! And her flapper doodles are great Christmas gifts, I've discovered.
Elizabeth: The silent queen of the blogosphere - cool as hell. (Or do I mean"Cool as ice"? What a cliché. I'll say "hot as hell", instead.)
MissMatilda: Retro dame, and pretty much how I'd like to be.
Avalon76: I adore her classic film poetry and her wonderfully short, yet covering, film reviews. (Seriously, how do you do it?!)

And now, the Q&A:

Where is your phone? Somewhere in the neighbor city, I believe. I would love to see the look of the thief's face if he/she looks through the camera photos of roadkills.
Your hair? What about it? It's dark and in the way.
Your Mother? Ex-hippie with Groucho Marx glasses who love to thrive in gory crime books and TV shows.
Your Father? A John Cleese-lookalike with a taste for heavy metal and Mike Oldfield. (How about that supernatural combination of tastes?)
Your favourite food? Chocolate bars.
Your dream last night? They usually look something like this:

Your favourite drink? Mojito! Oh, and a lovely one I picked up in a classic film drink book - Golden Fizz. A version of Gin Fizz, but with lots of sugar and an egg yolk.
Your dream/goal? Empress of Russia. Or a film critic, whatever is easiest.
What room are you in? The one and only in a one room apartment with cooking corner.
Your hobby? Duh.
Your fear? Spiders with small bodies and long legs. Why do they have eight legs anyway? Freaks.
Where were you last night? At my aunt's, celebrating early Christmas. (I'm 21, what do you think I'm doing a Friday night?)
Something that you’re not? Humble.
Muffins? Well, I'd rather have a chocolate bar or a pack of cigarettes.
Wishlist item? Go pick your favorite: I can just send you my address later.
Where did you grow up? I was born in Norrköping, but I guess I really grew up in a little incest town with banjo music called Gusum. Anyone seen Deliverance (1972)? There you have it.
Last thing you did? Clean my parents' house. Earned me more money than the door-to-door sales job. Sigh. (Again: I'm 21. What am I supposed to do a Saturday night?)
What are you wearing? Random sex questions, yay! Be disappointed: my boyfriend's clothes. The most comfortable outfit when at home.
Your TV? It's there, I guess...
Your pets? Two cats, both in need of straight-jackets.
Friends? A few. Not many people live up to my ideas of "a friend", I'm sad to say.
Your life? Pretty alright. Just won $5 on a lottery ticket.
Your mood? It's snowing outside - makes me peaceful. Growing a wisdom tooth - makes me sad. (It hurts.)
Missing someone? Me, 10 kg ago. Like when I graduated from high school.

Vehicle? No, my 1930's bike was stolen. I gave up on vehicles after that. There will never be another one like you, Cary. (Yes, I named him after Cary Grant.)
Something you’re not wearing? Baseball caps. Or any other caps. And I have never allowed any of my boyfriends to wear one neither. I mean, what are you? Thirteen and just bought your first skateboard? I hate them. Hate 'em! (Hmm, I wonder how my mood really is today...)
Your favourite store? Make Up Store is really fun. Makes me feel luxurious!
Your favourite colour? Red, I guess. Or any happy color.
When was the last time you laughed? Today when watching Marc Bolan (he's hot) high as a skyscraper when singing "Children of the Revolution". (I spent some quality time with my father today on YouTube.) I love that clip. Don't forget to check out that confused guy in a pink t-shirt on the dance floor. Hilarious.

The last time you cried? Several days ago, actually! Tuesday, coming home from that fucking door-to-door job. That was my last work day. No I'm happy again. Free as a bird. Yay!
Your best friend? Me, myself and I. And one or two other people.
One place that you go to over and over? Wayne's coffee.
Facebook? Ha, no. "You have just received a red balloon! Send it to everyone you know!" And all those darn people you went to school with when you were ten who pretend they care about what you're doing today. No, thanks.
Favourite place to eat? Stone oven baked pizza at a restaurant in town called Pappa Grappa. Heavenly.

And thanks Millie for the Vintage Style Award! Read her flattering description of me on her awesome blog here.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your award!! And thank you so much for sending it on to me! :)

Christopher said...

..when people ask me if I have a Dog..I tell 'em..I'm my own dog..I'm my own best friend.. :o)

Mykal said...

Lolita: I think you were supposed to answer the questions in one word. I mention it only becuase I love the way you happily ignored the rules. Boy, do I miss the snow. -- Mykal

Matthew Coniam said...

A little incest town with banjo music... you paint the most adorable picture!
Glad you liked the award.

Lolita said...

Thank you! And you're probably one of the coolest gals on the Internet, so you deserve it as much as I do! ;)

That's the right spirit!

Haha, I can never sum anything up with only one word! I had to alter the rules a bit ;)

Haha, that little village isn't something I can think back to with good memories, yuck... I'm a city girl! Or at least, not a farmer's daughter.

Christopher said...

You really should look into writing about films,whether it be reviews for the current crap or history..Something that puts you in the public have a charming style and you look good in a swedish sailor get up!
Enjoyed the T-Rex..whatever happened to Rock being fun?(whatever happened to rock actually!?)its all so dreary now..

Lolita said...

Wow, thanks a lot. That was a really encouraging comment, and also exactly the thing I aim to do!
I bet the sailor get up is my graduation hat your referring to! Don't students in the USA buy these when they graduate? The text "kultur" on the hat is Swedish for culture, the program I went to on high school ;)
Oh, I love T-Rex. I guess rock needs drugs to be good, and it's not as socially acceptable today as it was in the 1970's! At least, that's my not very backed up theory.

Christopher said...

I wish we did get cool hats like that for graduation..We get the standard ..undescribable..4 pointed hat you always see in movies!..Rock used to be sexy! ;o)..I feel for ya on all the crappy odd jobs you are having to do..I've been there(tons of them)..and probablly could be again..If the current job I've held for years now,ever fell apart..

Avalon76 said...

Aww, thank you darling! I was offline for a few days and just saw this. I appreciate it greatly! ^_^