Friday, December 18, 2009

Lolita's done her hair

I must admit that I'm usually one of those lazy persons who just get a simple, stylish haircut so I never have to do my hair. But then I read a blog post on It'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters! [link to post], and Lisa Freemont Street woman inspired me to experiment with my hair a little. So I slept with those wonderfully comfortable curlers in my hair, and today I fixed my hair too look like this:

The essential bathroom picture.

I'm pretty pleased with the result, even though my hair currently is too short to make any really interesting hairdos. I just pinned up the Goldilocks on the side to make it look a little cooler.

Today I received my letter from the Department of Cinema Studies, I'm starting January 12th. I still can't believe it. But I will have to pay for it: I looked up the costs on commuting between my city Norrköping and the big scary capital Stockholm. 3800 SEK a month. That's $520 for you. Five hours on a train every day. But it will have to work - my dream looks like it's coming a bit closer thanks to the Cinema Studies.

I just had a talk with my friend, whom I will call Khrushchev. We realized that we now have reached the age where one should start experimenting with drugs. When we talked about how amphetamine probably will improve the results of our studies, I came up with a brilliant idea: I could kill two birds with one stone if I did amphetamine Mon-Fri, and burnt away my nostrils with cocaine on the weekends. I finally did something about my shrill voice when I started smoking (going for the Garbo voice, oh yeah), but my little nose still makes me sound very nasal. Cocaine could fix that, I think.
But with those expensive train tickets I will probably not be able to even buy enough food, so I guess I'll just have to give up on the drug experiment thing.

I'll end this violently random post with a balcony photo of myself, showing both my pretty face and the snowy Norrköping. "It's fuckin' freezin'", as my mother managed to embarrass an Englishman by shouting out when living in London in her youth.
I'm too much like my dear mother.

A picture of me, if you missed my face when I messed up by blog header for Christmas.
And I AM aware of the fact that my pose is exactly the same in all photos of me.


Matthew Coniam said...

I've recently had to go all 'type in the silly word' too. I mean! Do I look like I need Viagra???

You're going to need to be on something if you travel five hours on the train every day. On the other hand, you'll certainly catch up on your reading.
And don't worry about not being able to buy enough food - food won't seem so important when you're off your face on charley.
It's snowing here too. If only Bing was around to see it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the letter of acceptance into the program! Personally it is an accomplishment to have earned a two year degree in film studies from one of the local colleges near my home. I am happy for you!

Bill Stankus said...

Congrats on the cinema studies ... too bad the drug thing won't work ... tho it does seem a tad trite, movie life and drugs, that is. And here I thought coke and razor blades went out in the 80s along with Miami Vice.

Merriam said...

I'm still convinced you're the spitting image of Kim Novak.

getsbis said...

congratulations... cinema studies, wow. i'm jealous. always thought you should do that. money problems, i know. at the moment i'm studying painting, not my thing by the way. but it's free, so why not. i have a dream to move to capital too - there is a fine university with cinema studies. can't wait. expensive, too, yes.
but it's what i want. what i actually CAN do.
this post made my day, glad you're fine, bye then.

Lolita said...

Matthew Coniam:
I chose the "type the silly word", but spam still got through somehow! That is, the spam about Chinese diet pills did. Auurrggh! And no, I don't think you need Viagra ;)
Haha! I do hope everyone understands the complete irony in today's post though! I know you Brits do, you invented irony I believe.
But if I have to choose between food and drugs+no need for food... The choice is hard! I do need to loose some weight...

DJ Heinlein:
Cool! And thank you for congratulating me. I do hope I can make something out of my life when I have that to back me up!

Bill Stankus:
You're right, it's too cliché... I just need to come up with something better. Is sniffing glue back in fashion?

You're the only person who has said that! I take it as a compliment for sure, she is a hottie ;) I had to show some pictures of her for my boyfriend who didn't know what she looked like, and he commented the resemblance with "A little... maybe." Such a darling he is!

Go for it, girl! And don't study anything you're not into all together, that's just wasting your time.
So there is a similar university in Vilnius then? Cool! (By the way - if one should travel Europe some time, is Vilnius worth a visit?)

Mykal said...

Lolita: I like the new hairstyle. It highlights those large, pretty, green eyes (at least they look green on my screen). Looking at that second photo of you, it reminds me of how much I miss snow. It was 82 degrees Fahrenheit today in Florida where I live. I wish it was fucking freezing instead, at least for Christmas.

Merry Christmas, my dear. I know you will do well at film studies. -- Mykal

Lolita said...

Thanks! Actually my eyes are greyish blue with green spots in them (my father has grey eyes and my mother green, I bet they couldn't agree on one color for mine).
Gaah, why do you complain about heat? Okay, not very Christmas-y, but after Christmas it could be summer all year around in my opinion. At least when spring comes, and all there is is dirty snow with dog turds and slippery ice under a thin layer of powder snow. Depressing and dangerous!
Thank you so much! When I become I famous film historian I will buy a ticket to Florida and visit ;)

Maggie said...

Haha, I usually walk around with two glasses of wine, and I don't have a boyfriend.
Perhaps i'm a long-lost relative of Nick and Nora Charles.

Christopher said...

how 'bout a little GLOGG SCARECROW!!??..what is that?..does it do the trick?..Hows Christmas coming along for you?..

Lolita said...

And that's just admirable! ;)

Mmm, glögg is the tastiest thing during Christmas! The Swedish word for mulled wine (read on Wikipedia here) Yum yum!