Friday, November 13, 2009

Freaky Film Posters or: Do they feel all right in Poland? pt. 3

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) was Stanley Kubrick's last film, and yes: it was kind of freaky. But not nearly as freaky as this poster.
When I'm done with the Polish film posters, I think I will move on to presenting some from former Czechoslovakia. I bet the reason why they divided that country had something to do with mentally ill people designing film posters there too.

And people think that Swedes are strange? If you have seen the Ingmar Bergman masterpiece Fanny and Alexander (1982), you can probably agree with the statement that Bergman had some demons to battle with - but I think they might have been sprung from Poland's depiction of his work. Look at these posters! Of course, they are quite beautiful in a deeply disturbing way...
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: do NOT watch the amputated three hour version of this film. And if you see a two hour version in a cheap DVD release in some store somewhere: burn it.

This poster is supposed to be some tribute to director Federico Fellini...

Did you know that Brad Pitt appears in minstrel in a cut out scene in Fight Club (1999)?

Quoi? Yes, this is the 2-dimensional representation of The Four Musketeers (1974). Anyone volunteering to make sense out of this?

Didn't you recognize Meryl Streep in this poster? The French Lieutenant's Wife (1981).

Frenzy (1972). Don't ask me. Great film though.

Gandhi (1982) dissolving into paper chains, I guess.

British romance in Girl with Green Eyes (1964). She reminds me of Sadako.

Probably one of the coolest Godfather posters I've seen. This one is for The Godfather: Part II (1974).

Isn't The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) supposed to be a family film? Romance/drama kind of? To me it looks more like Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988).

A French/Polish film called Guilty of Innocence (Coupable d'innocence ou Quand la raison dort, 1992) that I never heard of, but the poster amazed me. Does one of his eyelids stretch out into the hands of a clock?

A quite funny poster for the British Albert Finney crime film Gumshoe (1971). Is "Gumshoe" an expression of some sort? An absent minded character in the Ace Attorney games is called Detective Gumshoe, some kind of pun perhaps?

The last poster for today: The Guns of Navarone (1961). Although it was some years since I saw this film, I can't recall anything feeling like a concentration camp in the film. Freaky poster, but kind of clever. Although it wouldn't make me interested in watching the film - it indicates a three hour long Polish b/w Depression documentary about a soup kitchen.


roconnor said...

I'm not a mathematician, but I'd estimate that each one of those posters is roughly 13,000 times better than the Photoshop collages of actors with maybe an explosion or a vehicle thrown in which we get for nearly every film in the US.

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Roconnor so true good point, I am in love with the fight club cover its stunning. I love that they actually take the time to paint or sketch out some amazing art for the cover.


Lolita said...

Roconnor and Darla:
You are both right, and I agree to the fullest! Still, I can't avoid making fun of them! ;)

MrJeffery said...

Wow cool and creepy post! I really like the Eyes Wide Shut poster.

Kate Gabrielle said...

I really like the Girl with Green Eyes poster but the rest are kind of disturbing... does Meryl Streep play Cousin It in The French Lieutenant's Wife? LOL

MetroBase said...

Your Hot and I love you!!!!

Mykal said...

Lolita: I try, but I just can't appreciate these posters as great art. They all seem way to mannered and "of the moment" for me. Take the Gandhi poster. Can you miss the point of a film any more? Gandhi goes through the Star Trek transporter! It begs to be made fun of.

Jorgé said...

I like the Godfather: part II, and The Greatest Show on Earth posters, though the others are just plain disturbingly peculiar. Great conclusion to the freaky film posters series, Lolita!

Lolita said...

Erhm... Thanks, I guess...?

Haha. I think some of the posters are really artistic, but most of them are just plain weird. So I agree with you to some extent!

Haha, thanks!

Elsie said...

There are far too many clown-like images in these to be considered healthy! I gasped upon scrolling down to the fourth one. The stuff of nightmares!

Fanny and Alexander is the only one of the Bergman 'classics' I have yet to see. My favorite is still probably Through a Glass Darkly.

Juliette. said...

These are insane-- yet strangely appealing. I really like the one for The Godfather, Pt. II. And Frenzy, though the clown one scares me a bit.