Monday, November 2, 2009

Amazingly Awesome Attorneys

As we all know, there comes hectic times in all our lives. The last ten days have been one of those cases for me, so when I haven't helped out with sick cats, found out about dead cats, gone to job applying meetings etc. etc. I have put my spare time lying in bed playing Ace Attorney games on the Nintendo DS.

In other words: no time for watching movies, and no inspiration what so ever! I guess no one will blame me.

Playing as the attorney Phoenix Wright is amazingly relaxing, interesting and mind exercising. In the last few days I have noticed that my mental processes already have re-arranged all my every-day problems to sound like court room dramas.

"How do I solve this case I have on my hands? My boyfriend needs new jeans. He is working every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. When he comes home, he is too tired to shop for clothes. He does not work on Saturday, but that is however the time of his parents moving into a new apartment. He works Sunday. It looks as though I'm going to lose this case.
Objection! Circumstantial evidence proves that my waist size is in fact the same as my boyfriend's, and therefore he does not have to be at the scene of the crime where I will make the purchase!"

Something like that. Anyway, why not take a brief look at some cool attorneys, defendants and prosecutors? Or at least, some tough guys in suits. (I was going to write "no pun intended", but that's a pretty lame line, isn't it? And after realizing the pun, I thought it wasn't half bad anyway.)


Bill Stankus said...

During my daughter's first days in law school, one of the professors told her class, "Forget everything you've ever seen in movies and TV ..."

Lolita said...

Bill Stankus:
Haha, way to kill their dreams. Luckily for me, I don't believe what I see on TV or in the movies... only what my video games tell me!

Tom said...

Hooray for Jimmy Stewart!!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Great choices!! I love every one of them :D (Except The Persuaders, simply because I haven't seen it yet)

Haha I always do that stupid pun not intended line, but half the time they actually are intended anyway :)

Elsie said...

Midnight Mary is spectacular. I was going to watch that again recently, but it lost out to a more cheerful title.

Here's hoping things get better for you regarding your personal life!

Millie said...

Great list! And I love how you included a couple of TV shows too!

Lolita said...

There's only one Jimmy Stewart!

Kate G:
I must confess that I haven't seen all the list neither, I simply drool over film lawyers ;)

Yes, sometimes the choice between Mrs Miniver and Singin' in the Rain can be pretty obvious ;)
Oh, it's all right with me! Just haven't been able to concentrate on the blog lately, that's all! Thanks for your concern though :)

Yeah, I thought I'd stir things up a bit with them! Haha.

Christopher said...

one of my favorite attorneys is still Ronald Coleman in A Tale of Two Cities..a life long "classic" bender!..Without re-habs..I'm sure I'd offer my head for nothing too..

Lolita said...

That's a classic I have yet to see! Thanks for tempting me a bit ;)

Victor said...

Join us on the dark side...

Elsie said...

Ha, indeed! "Easy Living" ('37) was the winner this time. :)

Oh, good. Leave it to me to assume the worst!

Lolita said...

Victor!!! How fun to hear from you! That's Linus, the bastard... haha! I think I prefer good old Phoenix Wright, even if he's animated ;)

Always assume the worst ;)