Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 Random Facts About Me

Sarah from Cinema Splendor tagged me on this one, and now I will take the time to answer it. If you haven't done this one, know that you're tagged!

1. I'll begin with disgusting you a little. I absolutely love to squeeze out the white, icky stuff from pimples and blackheads. It's so fascinating when they burst and everything flows out. But who said I was normal in any way? (Is there any other word for "blackheads? It does sound a bit like a racial slur...)

2. I've had several different hair colours (dark red, bright red, dark brown, blueish black, strawberry blonde etc.), but I have dyed my hair red almost constantly since I was ten, so that's my favourite and the hairl colour I feel best having.
My natural hair colour? I was an Ice-Cream Blonde when I was little (see picture at the bottom of the post), but then it changed into some ash-coloured brown.

Almost seventeen, nineteen and twenty years old. Ah, those were the times...

3. I never liked Doris Day. Sorry, folks.

4. I didn't start smoking until I was 20, at parties when I was 18. I'm so prudish.

5. I love having a glass of wine or beer every day of the week. But I've heard that alcoholism is more socially acceptable than drug use, so I guess I need not worry.

6. I am both a child of divorce and a child of marriage. My parents were married 1986-1998, divorced and re-married in 2001.

7. I love 1960's dresses, my absolute favourite garment. They had a breakthrough when I was 15, and you can't believe how many people that avoid you when you go around trying to look like Audrey Hepburn at that age, with hairstyle and proper makeup.

Me, a bit 1960-ish, with a dress that me and my grandmother made after a original 1960's pattern.

8. I've had the most flattering nicknames given to me by my male friends. One use to call me "The Ice Cold Temptress" and "The Easy Virtue". Another one of my friends gave me the nickname "The Devirginizer". Yeah, figure that one out...

9. I never could handle flowers and gardens. I hate getting mud under my finger nails, I scream as soon as I see a spider (yeah, typical woman I am) and worms disgust me. Oh, and I always forget watering my plants, so they're constantly dying.

10. I was brought up with snakes. My father has always been a snake breeder, and when I was just two years of age we were in the local newspaper as "The Snake Family". My parents always wanted me to follow in the footsteps of Theda Bara and Maria Montez...

There you have me, two years old and next to my mother's painted toe nails.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Best one of these I've read all week!

Merriam said...

I love this tag; your post is just great! What great pictures. You're really pretty.

Lolita said...

C.K. Dexter Haven:
Haha, thanks! I tried not to be too serious about it, hehe.

Thank you! Many compliments there ;)

getsbis said...

wow, you are SO beautiful. I was waiting to you to write these facts, knew that it will be interesting and fun.
but really, you're inspire me.
to dye my hair, for example.

getsbis said...

I can't stop staring at that photo where you look like MM. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


Christopher said... are quite the Chameleon! many differen't looks..I like the 60's pattern pic
Very lovely you look..
You would not like the Snakes here..they are BIG and they KILL!..I love gardening..and dirt under my nails ;o)

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Your hair was really quite pretty each time you died it, but I'm a bigger fan of the red. And that picture of you with blonde hair, you look like a model!

Great post and nicknames by the way. ;-D

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Your hair was really quite pretty each time you died it, but I'm a bigger fan of the red. And that picture of you with blonde hair, you look like a model!

Great post and nicknames by the way. ;-D

Meredith said...

this is great!!

i LOVE your hair. i am so jealous of people that can pull off red.

i've never liked doris either. =/ though i do respect her love for dogs.

VP81955 said...

Some comments:

* Are you referring to Doris Day as an actress, Doris Day as a singer, or both? In the latter category, give a listen to her classic 1947 ballad "Pretty Baby," and you may change your mind about her -- it's an incredibly warm and genuinely sexy vocal performance.

*You can see photos of some unexpected blondes from Hollywood's golden age at

Christopher said...

LOL...oh boy!..Blackheads!!!..Pimples..SCABS!..Pus! "..Heaven..I'm in heaven..."

Lolita said...

Wow, thank you! I'm really glad to be an inspiration. Go dye your hair - if the result is bad, it will always grow out!


Thank you, very nice compliments! Oh, I'm not afraid of snakes, the bigger the cosier ;) But I never liked the poisonous ones, me and my mother have always become hysterical whenever my father have had the thought "But I can just keep them here overnight...". He's so naïve.

I'm going back to be a Red-Headed Woman now ;) Yeah, the nicknames are only a result of great friends... haha. And thanks for your compliments, I'm really touched!

Thank you :)

Oh, she has a lovely, lovely voice! That's the only thing I like about her. After all, one of my all-time favourite songs is "Baby, it's cold outside" with Day and Bing Crosby. But I don't like her acting. Don't know why, I guess she's good... But you can't like everyone. And she's too "good" to appeal to me!

"And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak..." I agree, that's the song I sing every time I attack a pimple!

Merriam said...

I think you look a lot like Kim Novak, Lolita. Even prettier though.

Lolita said...

Well, that's a new comment! Thank you.

David C. said...

That last picture reminded me of a snake encounter that occurred at our house recently.

Sarah said...

I totally loved reading this! Little mod 60s shift dresses...*drool* God I love them. I have one, I wish there was more!

Elsie said...

Wonderful! I love all of your hair colours, but I have a weakness for red (not surprising, as I'm a redhead!).

Alexis said...

This is fantastic! I love these types of posts! You learn so much about people but in a super random way!

Also--Thanks for the post! I didn't realize you were from Sweden! Too cool! I want to visit there SO badly. Maybe someday! You'll have to let me know what's good too see and visit!

Darsh said...

The Devirginizer?! That sounds like a superhero! I myself am a Supervilain. Due to an nuclear accident on the set of a porno I am now MegaVirgin!!! If I don't have sex every 50 hours the fucking universe explodes. Wanna fight?

Lolita said...

Haha, sorry - taking men's virginity was highly unintentional, and not a very exciting experience. I would not make a living out of it ;)