Saturday, June 6, 2009

Poll's closed # 9

A long, long time ago...

... I had this poll about who was your favourite on-screen swordsman. I just realized that I never published the results! So, here they are:

The greatest loss was Henry Daniell's, with only one vote. He thanks that one voter, and tries to kill Errol Flynn out of jealousy.

Douglas Fairbanks Sr only got two votes, but he is a proud man - he won't show himself weak with a beautiful Billie Dove in his arms.

Claude Rains really thought that he would get more than three votes, and lost his sword in his despair. (Okay, I just couldn't find a picture of him fencing - so blame me!)

Tyrone Power got a well-deserved third place with four votes, and shows off with his fencing skills in his favourite costume. (I bet no one thought that Tyrone wouldn't make it into the top-three, huh?)

Even though he almost always played villains, Basil Rathbone still fixed the second place with five votes. And why not, when he is so inspired that he practises at home?

With no less than 16 votes, Errol Flynn was the obvious winner of this contest. Look how satisfied he is!


Radiation Cinema! said...

Lolita: It's a shame that Fairbanks scored so low. It all comes from him, and for my money he is by far the best. Please watch for my guest post about Fairbanks sometime this month on Kate Gabrielle's wonderful Silents and Talkies!
-- Mykal

Christopher said...

can't remember if I voted for Basil or Tyrone ??:o/??

Lolita said...

Radiation Cinema:
I thought so too! If Basil hadn't been so close to my heart, my vote would have gone to him. Ah, nice! Of course I'll read it!

Hmm, sorry for forgetting to post the results sooner... But anyway, they came on first and second place - so you should be happy either way!

Radiation Cinema! said...

Lolita: You are on firm ground with your choice of Basil Rathbone. He was (as I'm sure you probably know) a dedicated and very skilled fencer in his private life. He spent hours training and of the bunch was the best technical swordsman. A technical adviser (an Olympic fencer, I've forgotten his name) brought in to train Errol Flynn for Robin Hood had nothing but praise for Rathbone and his swordsmanship. Plus, Rathbone looked so damn good in high collars and sword in hand!

With Fairbanks, though, you are talking about a nearly superhuman athleticism! -- Mykal

Keith said...

I ended up not voting. Oops. I would have voted for Errol Flynn. I'm so glad he won. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

The Rush Blog said...

The greatest loss was Henry Daniell's, with only one vote. He thanks that one voter, and tries to kill Errol Flynn out of jealousy.

Poor Henry Daniell. I hate to say this, but he couldn't fence worth a damn . . . even on screen. He could barely hold a sword. They had to use a double to fence with Flynn in "THE SEA HAWK".

Speaking of Flynn, Basil Rathbone never thought much of him as a swordsman and considered Tyrone Powers much better. However, Rathbone never fenced with Flynn by the time the latter really became a first-rate swordsman when he shot "THE SEA HAWK".