Saturday, May 29, 2010

Always new Marxists in the world...

One thing I love about studying film is that I encounter interesting people all the time, just when I thought that there were so few of them. Yesterday was the last school day for the summer, and a few of us sat down in the grass - sharing beer, wine and cigarettes and enjoying the rainy Swedish summer weather.

After a while I find myself talking to a girl that obviously has been in the same class with me for half a year without me noticing. (Perhaps an effect of me always thinking that women are whiny bitches I don't care to spend any time with.) Suddenly she asks me if I had heard about some guys called the Marx brothers. After a minor shock I regained consciousness enough to reveal my Groucho Marx tattoo on my upper arm, and got following reaction: "Oh my God! Is it...? No! Is it... It's Groucho!" And there I had a new friend. I just love when getting to know people takes less than three minutes.

Of course I had to send an email to her with the url to the top two Marx Brothers blogs: The Marx Brothers Council of Britain and The Marx Brothers (aka Minnie's Boys), and of course a link to Salvador Dalis Marx Brothers script "Giraffes on Horseback Salads". We Marxists have to stick together.

People will probably hate me for this, but I will share some pictures from the lovely beer picnic. Just look adore the film nerds and the cloudy Swedish summer. Hopefully I will have the energy to be more active on both my blog and yours now that I can take a break from school a few weeks. Cheers!

The Marx Brother girl and a good friend of mine,
who will also be our wedding photographer.

Happy happy fun time!

Beer and pizza - probably the only masculine features these two boys have. I like them, though.


Ursula Steinberg said...

Wow, women are whiny bitches? Think I'll stop following your blog. Maybe you think you're ironic, maybe you're a misogynist; either way, I'm not interested.

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Post whatever the heck you want; it's bound to be interesting, anyway!

I like entries like this, where a blogger discusses the film lovers they meet or sharer their memories of when they first watched a cherished movie. It's infinitely more interesting than a scene-by-scene rundown of something we already know.

Kim said...

I love the Marx Brothers. I once posted Groucho's song "Just Wait 'Til I Get Through With It" from Duck Soup and my friends thought I had gone loony not realizing where it was from. lol

Christopher said...

with silver bells and cockleshells and pretty film nerds all in a row..

Lolita said...

That's too bad! I'm only half serious - I'm always glad when people prove me wrong.

C.K. Dexter Haven:
Thanks! I try to vary the type of posts so I don't get too predictable. And I guess going to film school is among the smartest things I've done!

Haha, my favorite song from the film! Lovely lyrics. I think that's a proof if anything that you have a good sense of humor!

Isn't it just heaven?

Chris, a librarian said...

I always thought that a woman that had even heard of Zeppo Marx would be a good candidate for a wife.

Matthew Coniam said...

Oh no! Ursula Steinberg's not interested!
How will you possibly carry on now?
A terrifying prospect.

I love it when people have absolutely no sense of humour, how about you?

Hey, thanks for spreading the word about the Council to your new Marx Brother girl. Marx fans never looked like that when I was growing up. If I wasn't getting married this year I might have said something 'ironic' at this point.

Diana. said...

I felt the same way as you when in a trip I met a girl with what i thought was George Michael´s signature on her shoulder...and it was it indeed!!XD

Anyway, i find your friend´s question about if you knew the MArx Brothers very strange, more if you are talking to a Film student...They are such icons!

Diana. said...

i forgot to say that my favourite song is "Hello, i must be going" from Animal crackers!XD

Lolita said...

Chris the Librarian:
We actually had a pretty long discussion of "what ever happened to Zeppo" ;)

Matthew Coniam:
I know, I feel my heart is breaking! I considered to answer that comment with "Now you're just being a whiny bitch" - but I thought that probably wouldn't help.
I actually think pretty high of the intelligence and common sense of my readers, that I'm neither try to be funny with remarks like that or that I am a misogynist(!) - pointless (humorous) remarks like that just appear naturally when I write, and I never believe anyone takes notice.
But seriously though... Aren't women whiny bitches in the same extent as men are testosterone machines with penis complexes? Haha.
And yes, me and the above mentioned Marx devotee must be the hottest Marxists in Sweden, right?

Thank you for loving my blog! And for the film kiss tip :)
Haha, tattoos are a great and easy way of getting to know people!
Actually, since this is a basic film history course, I still meet people in my class who are skeptical towards b/w films, not to mention silents! But hopefully those annoying people won't remain until the autumn.

Reno said...

There's an old Hollywood rumor that Groucho was covered in tats, excluding skin seen with regular clothes.

Millie said...


Okay, I have totally been missing reading sooo many blogs lately...your's especially (stupid school! ;-D), but school's out, so yay!

Anyway, love the post! I really need to watch a Marx Brother movie some time, I've never seen one. (Don't hunt me down and torture me to a slow death!)

I love finding new classic movie friends randomly. Last summer I was working in a scone booth and randomly started singing Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (I just can't control myself) and the girl next to me started singing too and then she was like, I LOVE THAT MOVIE. And then she started telling me all about how she loves all these old actors/actresses I love too! It was pretty stinkin' cool! Haha!

Hehehe, after reading Ursula's comment, I had the same reaction as you! ;-D

And then I thought maybe she was attempting irony, but I don't think so! ;-D

Personally, I find you completely hilarious! When I quote you to my mom, I'm always like, "And this is Lolita-- the funny, Swedish lady" AHAHA!

And then my mom goes on about how ALL Scandinavian people are HILARIOUS (my Grandma was 100% Finnish)! Haha!

Oh my, long comment, sorry! Anyway, I've missed you and your blog terribly! You and it ALWAYS make me laugh!

David C. said...

Dear Lo,

Thanks for ranking my blog up there with Matthew's. I just noticed it's been two months since my last post, so I guess I'll have to dig up some new material before you start whining at me! Ha ha! Don't ever change. Where would I get a chuckle without commentary like "Beer and pizza - probably the only masculine features these two boys have." That reminds me of the story Dick Cavett told about going to lunch with Groucho. Groucho said to the waiter, "Do you have any fruit--and I don't mean the captain over there," pointing toward the maitre d'.

Christopher said...

people who are skeptical of Black and white and silents,belong at the multiplex watching Tooth Fairy

Darsh said...

Moar pictures of the Marx Brothers Girl please.

Susan A. Patton said...

Of course I had to send an email to her with the url to the top two Marx Brothers blogs: The Marx Brothers Council of Britain and The Marx Brothers (aka Minnie's Boys), and of course a link to Salvador Dalis Marx Brothers script "Giraffes on Horseback Salads". We Marxists have to stick together.

I've looked everywhere... do you have a link to the script for "Giraffes on Horseback Salads"?

David C. said...

The closest thing I could find is a synopsis of the script. I imagine a copy of the script exists somewhere, but I couldn't find it online.