Monday, March 1, 2010

Announcement: Winner of competition!

It has come to an end!

When I came up with the idea for the portrait competition I felt that I would be happy if I at least got one competitor to join it. Well, now the competition has ended and... I received four contributions. All of them are magnificent, too. Thank you all!

Now, to the winner. The hard part is just that - how to decide which one of these three very different portraits is the best one. Words can't describe how impressed I am with you all! But someone had to be chosen, and in the category of most original portrait:

Congratulations Millie of ClassicForever! You won the competition! $10 discount on any Kate Gabrielle store you want to order from!

Also... $5 discount each to Jorgé, Merriam and Jane, You're too awesome to leave empty handed!

I will send you an email with a "code" to write in the message box on your order - so do not pay until you get a revised invoice from Kate!

Now the rest of my beloved readers want to take a look at the contributions, right? Here they are, in the order they were sent to me:

By Jorgé at The March Studios
Jorgé has managed to capture both my fascination for the flapper era as well as my deep love for Groucho Marx - and all in a very unique cartoonish way. Lovely!

By Merriam.
Merrian has made a most realistic portrait of me - studying the eyes and the nose there is no doubt as who has been portraited! Even my fiancé commented on the eye-work, so good job, Merriam!

Janet at Blue Bird of Hollywood
Janet has made a fantastic painting that could have derived from any 1920's fashion magazine. Simply stunning. It would look great as a tattoo, by the way!

And the winning contribution from Millie at ClassicForever:

Seriously - a finger puppet?! You ARE insane! Can I buy it? Can I buy the whole band? Just adorable, Millie.

Girls - I am your biggest fan.


Millie said...


Thank you so much, Lolita!

I am beyond amazed at everyone else's art! Beautiful! Really, I can't believe I won, considering the amazingness of the others!


Great job everyone!

And thanks again, Lolita! This is so exciting! :-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

These are all so amazing!! And Congrats Millie!! :-D

Merriam said...

Congratulations Millie! The idea of doing a finger puppet is just awesome!

Elizabeth said...

LOL! I love them Millie! :D

Sarah said...

LOL Congrats Millie! I adore Lolita finger puppet!
I wish I was finger puppet friends with Bob Dylan. Peanut butter and jealous.

Jorgé said...

Love the other works!!

This finger puppet, just so cute! Congratulations Millie!!! :D

And Lolita, thank you for the discount! It's very kind that you should do this for the rest of us gals! :]