Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anna May Wong - These Foolish Things

I'd like to mention that I, in my heart, is a perfectionist. But I'm working hard not being one, since that would result in me never being able to finish things. (That's why I seldom re-read the posts I write. Sorry for propably uncountable typos.)

I hereby present to you my own music video to These Foolish Things, Bryan Ferry's version. I have probably said it seventyeleven times already, but this song is probably my favourite ever. And you know how I hate to rank things. Bryan Ferry's version is at least without a doubt the best version of the song.

Since Anna May Wong was the inspiration to Eric Maschwitz when he wrote it, I have combined clips of mentioned actress to the tunes of this wonderful song. As I said, I could as well have been working for months with finding the exact right clip to the exact right time in the song, but I won't to it. I see it as a part of my training to get things accomplished without constantly underappreciate myself.
But I did add text to the video, so nobody can escape the lyrics!

It's not perfect, but I like it very much. I hope you do, too.


Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Lovely video. I had no idea the song had been written for Anna May Wong. One of my favorite songs, too. I'm partial to the Johnny Hartman version, but he doesn't go through all the stanzas. It's nice that Bryan Ferry gives us the entire song.

Radiation Cinema! said...

Lolita: Wonderful! I thought you matched the clips to lyrics and moods very nicely so that the entire thing was very moving. Through your recent posts (and Movietone's), I have become very interested in this lithe, gorgeous woman with the beautiful eyes. What film should I start with? -- Mykal

Lolita said...

Jacqueline T. Lynch:
Thanks! Oh, I haven't heard that version... Yes, most versions of the song skip a few lines (and Crosby of course skips the "The song that Crosby sings" line).

Radiation Cinema:
Thank you so much! When it comes to Anna May Wong I'd recommend starting with Shanghai Express (1932), she's really cool in that one. The most praised picture she starred in is probably Piccadilly (1929), made in England. That one is available to see on YouTube (in HQ too):

Radiation Cinema! said...

Lolita: Can't find Shanghai Express easily in Rregion 1, so I'll go with Piccadilly on DVD (I prefer to watch on TV rather than YouTube Computer).

I have seen her in The Thief of Baghadad with Douglas Fairbank. She was really something in that. -- Mykal

Juliette. said...

Wonderful-- I'd never heard that sing before but it really is lovely. :)

Matthew Coniam said...

Awwwwww! When you said it was your music video I thought it was going to be you singing it. Man, I can't stand Bryan Ferry!! The guy gives me the creeps.
Still, lovely song, and excellently chosen clips. Don't think I've ever seen her in colour before. Nice job.

Mykal - Yes, Shanghai Express and Piccadilly, obviously, but if I know you anything like as well as I think I do, I suspect you'll also get a kick out of Daughter of the Dragon - in which she plays the vengeful offspring of Warner Oland's Fu Manchu!

Sebina said...

Lolita: Just WAOW - you did a truly amazing job. I especially enjoyed it because I love Anna May Wong too. I thought the song was really fitting.

Lolita said...

Radiation Cinema:
Me too - but if one is poor, YouTube is a good substitute!
Yes, a 19 year old Anna May Wong in Theif of Bagdad is lovely to look at!

Thank you! Love the song, gives me goose bumps ;)

Matthew Coniam:
Don't like Bryan Ferry? Don't like glam? Don't like Roxy Music? :O
Thank you for the compliment!

Ha ha, I guess you might be right in your recommendation to Mykal...

Radiation Cinema! said...

Matthew: "vengeful offspring" of Fu Manchu? You do know my tastes. Sold! I will for sure look that one up too! Thanks. -- Mykal

Matthew Coniam said...

Sorry: nope, nope and nope. The geezer gives me the willies.

Gloria said...

Splendid Video! Bravo! Viva La Wong!

(I'm partial to the Billie Holiday version)

Lolita said...

Thanks! Yeah, that's a cosy version ;)

Christopher said...

nothin' Wong with that!
She was really....pretty cool

Lolita said...

Clever you! Yeah, really fascinating. I almost fall in love. (Understatement.)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I love to read stories like that. By the way add some pics :)

poisonrouge said...

Thank you for this page, I look forward to reading the rest of your blog. For the longest time I avoided Anna May Wong films because I thought she portrayed a stereotypical "dragon lady". I was on a Bryan Ferry kick and landed on this page purely by chance and learned quite a bit about Wong. The recorded version of Foolish Things is absolutely marvelous!