Friday, May 8, 2009


My new poll is about who your favourite swordsman of the silver screen is. In addition to that, I ask you - what is your favourite swashbuckler?

I hereby present to you the legendary sword fight from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) - in LEGO!


Millie said...

Oh my! That was stupendously amazingly cool!

On your poll my vote had to go to Errol...because I have memories of watching him and Olivia (in like every movie they ever made) from when I was four!!!

But, Basil is so cool. He got to fence with Errol and my third favorite...Tyrone. And his lego man looked quite superior to Flynn's. ;-D

kategabrielleart said...

Darn! My favorite isn't on the list :(
I'll have to go with a runner-up!

Kate Gabrielle said...

*okay, that was me above-- long story but somehow google keeps signing me out & using my other email address*

Millie said...

Kate, at least it shows up with one of your names. Unlike myself, who is always commenting accidentally under the name Zachary...geez! ;-)

Lolita said...

Haha, well I guess there's no surprise that I voted for Basil... His fencing scenes with Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power are amazing. In those days the actors learned how to fence, too. I mean, how funny is it to watch Antonio Banderas and the slized up action scenes they have in new films?

Kate Gabrielle:
Oh, too bad I missed him! Who is your favourite swordsman, then?

Yeah, you have to watch out! Sometimes I am logged into my boyfriends account, then I sign with his screen name "Kryddost" (spice cheese)...

Millie said...

Yeah, back then they DID learn how to fence!

Except for a George Sanders...who I will NEVER forgive for killing my beautiful Tyrone. And it was all because he couldn't handle a sword very well.

BTW, My nine-year-old brother wanted me to tell you that if he could vote he would have voted for Tyrone (He ADORES him in "Zorro"), although he also really likes Basil Rathbone.

Lolita said...

Oh, I did not know about Ty's death! I read about it now, how awful. And it really reminds me of James Dean. Before Dean died he made a TV appearance informing of car accidents, don'r drink and drive etc - and then died in a car crash. Ty made a TV appearance talking about how to spot a heart attack, contacting doctors and so on... and he died of a heart attack. That is irony.

But I really like George Sanders, he's a great actor. But I can understand that it's hard to feel all good about him, if it wasn't for him... well.

Oh, how sweet with a 9 year old classic film devotee! Say hi from me, and make sure that he watches A LOT of Basil Rathbone films! And why can't he vote in the poll? I promise, no age limit! Haha.

Christopher said...

Lego! scandavavian!
LMAO..That was funny!..that dialog is funny in there with those lego critters..THey even had that quick shot of dead Basil as he lays after being defeated,just like in the films! :o))

Millie said...

Yes, it was a sad death! And I did know about the TV commercial he did. It's all rather spooky

Oh, I still like George Sanders (he's too British and charming for me to hate him)...I just won't ever forgive him...;-D

Yes, I have been brainwashing my little brother since he was a very small child. He loves classic films!

The reason he can't vote is that the computer only allows us to vote once. And since my laptop collapsed I have been using the family can't vote.

Lolita said...

Yes, very ambitious!

Sounds reasonable! I mean, who can hate Addison DeWitt?
Haha, way to go! If I had younger siblings I sure would brainwash them.
"Nobody likes Spiderman, little fool. Look at Douglas Fairbanks playing Zorro instead! Nothing after 1965 is worth watching, remember that. What? Star Wars?! Oh no, in to the closet again, you little you..."

Millie said...

Definitely. And he has like the coolest accent ever.

I also tried to brainwash my other younger brother who is only two years younger than me. He used to watch musicals and Deanna Durbin's with me...when he was six. But soon after that he rejected almost all classic films...tsk...tsk...tsk!

LOL! That was funny!
Strangely enough, I think my youngest brother has been completely cleansed of liking any modern films (except a few select things like Veggie Tales, but even I have to admit that the Veggies are pretty cool).

He actually has some pretty interesting favorites in the classic realm. I totally think I should do an interview with him on my blog...;-D

Oh, BTW, he did get to vote. I voted for him when I was on a different computer.

Lolita said...

Well, you can't be successful every time... You can only hope that your "good" brother don't turn on you too! ;)

Ah, great! I can't wait to see the result of the poll, it's not too obvious!