Friday, March 25, 2011

Gee, I'm so stylish!

Thank you, Monty! His reason for giving me this blog award was that my blog is "awesome!" - and I bet the awesomeness of my blog lies in the fact that I update just seldom enough to lose the interest of my blog readers. Or just that I am awesome. Anyway, thanks again, Monty! Check out his blog, if you have a fetish for classic films.

I'm supposed to list seven facts about me, and I'll try to pick a few that aren't too obvious. It may be some repetition since I've done this before, but it was such a long, long time ago that I won't bother to check my old answers.

Then I will pass along this award to seven other bloggers, and let is spread like chlamydia. So here goes:

  1. Some time between the age of 10, when I was deeply in love with Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (who wasn't), and the age of 14 when I wanted to sexually assault Chico Marx every time he played the piano, I had a serious fling with $crooge McDuck. I can't find any word for that kind of infatuation, but I think I really was attracted to the idea of him being an older, wiser dude. With lots of money. Anyway, this little trivia brings the is-manga-pornography-debate to another level, I think.
  2. I'm married to the most cynical, intelligent, entertaining (not necessarily haha-funny), non-jealous man that I could find that doesn't want to have kids. Too bad he wasn't rich too, though. But I think that's about to change - he's studying to work at the hospital. My Manolo Blahnik shoes are just around the corner! (That was haha-funny.)
  3. My favorite stand-up comedians are Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, a couple of Swedish guys you won't care me to name and, recently, also Doug Stanhope. Apart from Izzard, I like my men bitter and broken. And of course, the occasional transvestite always liven things up.
  4. I have a thing for taking pictures of dead animals. I don't kill them myself, mind you! But if I run across a dead pigeon that's had its gut ripped apart by crows, I just have to pick up my camera. The whole beauty of death thing, I think. Anyway, my camera is broken now, so I guess Allah was trying to tell me something about my hobbies.
  5. I love Braindead (Peter Jackson, 1992), and in my humble opinion that was about the last good move Mr. Jackson did in his career. But money makes the world go 'round, and makes artistic souls cry blood.
  6. I'm currently blowing out my brain through my nose. There is nothing as horrible as a bad cold, as any man would say while his wife gives birth.
  7. I am a student and the Department of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University, and it makes me feel awesome.

Now to the nominations! Other stylish bloggers are:

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Keep up the good work!


Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

Thank you so much for the award! ^_^

Mykal said...

Lolita: Thanks! Coming from one as stylish as yourself, that means alot.

Dymon Enlow said...

I'm not sure what this even means, but thank you for thinking about me. =P

Millie said...


My life is completed. Thank you.

(I am being completely serious by the way.)

Thanks... haha!

BillyG said...

Congats on the award!

Maria said...

Chico var också min favorit i bröderna Marx, när jag var liten. Var så otroligt fashinerad av hans pianospel (och är fortfarande!). Sen gick jag över till att vara en Groucho fan-girl.

Vilka svenska komiker gillar du'ra?

Lolita of the Classics said...

Haha, I actually thought you were sarcastic at first. Then I remembered how awesome I am, and understood that you were sincere. Thanks darling! :)

Många! Men okej, jag rabblar: Magnus Betnér, Soran Ismail, Aron Flam, Johan Glans, Shan Atsi, Özz Nujen, Kodjo Akolor, Nour el-Refai är rolig med sin rutin om oralsex, Ola Söderholm gör underbara satiriska krönikor i P3, Petra Mede är rolig när hon inte gör stand-up. Jag är helt enkelt ganska road.

Unknown said...

Bravo, Madame--it's about TIME someone gave you an award for something. I'm still trying to push the new Nobel Prize for Sarcasm through the awards committee...

Well, if Oskar simply works in the hospital, and is not either a doctor or the Chief Administrator, and is STILL able to buy you Manolo Whatsis footwear, then American hospital workers should be emigrating to Sweden en-masse, because that certainly isn't the case HERE. Mind you, the local hospital lives up to the stereotype of squeezing the last drop of wealth out of both its patients and their insurance companies, but most of that does not find its way into the pockets of its employees.

You would have no end of opportunities to photograph dead animals around here--mostly opossum and armadillos on the highway, with the ocassional raccoon and, if your on the causeway, beaver. And deer, too, if you care to dare the Interstate (I myself broke the spoiler of my old auto on the head of a grey fox out there, which led me to the conclusion that dating was bad for the environment.) And for the full-on apolcalyptic experience, you could visit a chicken house in lte July where the ventilation system has broken down--it really should say "Arbeit Macht Fried Chicken!"

I love BRAINDEAD (aka DEAD ALIVE)--as one reviewer I read noted: "A little of this kind of gore is disturbing, but a whole-lot of it is simply hilarious." I haven't seen it in about three years, because that's how long ago I leant it (unsolicited, mind you) to a co-worker of mine, and I have not heard of it since. She'll watch it eventually...

I told you to get well. There is nothing more I can do...

Would that they had had a Department of Cinema Studies where I went to University--they had 500 cows, but no Department of Cinema Studies. You are a very lucky young girl.

Matthew Coniam said...

When I was at university my friends and I must have watched Brain Dead about a million times. I've not seen it in years but it was always a big favourite. I also thought Heavenly Creatures was pretty good, but nothing else, certainly nothing since.
Anyway, so sorry it's taken me this long to acknowledge this award (see Movietone for excuse) and thanks so much for thinking of me when handing it out.