Monday, December 13, 2010

Pictures Galore: Paul Newman

Okay, back to safe old Hollywood. I guess far away countries like Senegal and Australia didn't make any interesting contributions to film history, so I will add some sexy photos of Paul Newman instead. Enjoy! All pictures except the first one have high resolution, so save on.

And congratulations to myself for 300 registered blog followers. Sweet!

And, sexiest of them all:


kate gabrielle said...

yum! :)

Lolita of the Classics said...

Kate G:

Evangeline Holland said...

I appreciated those posts! Keep them coming!

Matthew Coniam said...

Put your trousers back on, man! Frankly I find this sort of wanton display disgraceful, unless it's chicks doing it.

Lolita of the Classics said...

Evangeline Holland:
Half naked men? Alright, will do!

Well, I'm a dirty Swede. Nothing to do about it!