Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Portrait competition!

Dear readers!

I hereby announce the starting of a competition. The winner wins $10 discount on a Kate Gabrielle's Etsy store of his/her own choice:

Silents and Talkies (colorful portraits of actors and actresses)
Kate Gabrielle (funny art - give your walls a sense of humor!)
flapper doodle (where I could spend the rest of my life)

The assignment is for you to make a portrait of my Lolita persona. The caricature to the right is only an example - the portrait can be a serious one or a funny interpretation of how you think of me.

You may use whatever medium you like for the portrait: Photoshop, Paint, charcoal, your own blood - anything. The only restriction is (of course) that the painting isn't offending in any way. And I bet you all know that I, myself, am hardly offended that easily, so just use your common sense.
In the end of this post I have added a couple of pictures for help or inspiration, if needed.

The competition ends on March 1st 2010.

Audrey Hepburn Pop Art
8"x8" print, $15
4"x4" print, $5

Signed numbered matted art print, $15

Six cards, $10

Everyone that enters the competition gets a reward even if they don't win, meaning: all entries will be displayed (unless you say otherwise, of course) on my up-coming website
It's still under construction, I need to beef it up a bit before it's ready for a premiere!

Send your entry to
Add your name or alias and website (if you have any) and also city, state and country (that's optional) in the email.

I hope you will think this is fun: no professional artistic talent is required, after all!

[If you want to go back to this post later on you can just click on the icon on the far top of the right column.]

Love //Lolita


getsbis said...

oh, that last photo is my all time favorite of yours.

Anonymous said...



But great idea anyway! And fun pics!

Lolita of the Classics said...

Thanks! I like it too :)

Ah, come on! You can make a stick figure in MS Paint! said...

Oh, what a pity I can't draw and I'm afraid of flying, so I can't go near you and try to snap you...hope this doesn't mean we're not going to see more pictures of you : it's that you're very nice and fun to look at.
Beautiful blog, thank you.

Lolita of the Classics said...

Wow, that was flattering! There will probably be photos of me every now and then, every time I get bored of the classic-movie-topic and feel like adoring myself a bit ;)

Maggie said...

Awesome! Another chance for me to flex my embroidery-portrait muscle!

Unknown said...

Hello! I absolutely love your website, and your fun and informative site has in fact it has inspired me to create my own classic movie website. You do offer a couple features I would like to include and I was hoping you could take a moment and offer some suggestions, Please! I would like to have a guestbook and also allow viewers to leave comments, but I can't find anything. Guess I'm not tech savvy enough to find what I'm looking for! Any suggestions would be really really really appreciated! Thanks!

Lolita of the Classics said...

Do it! :)

Thank you! Most things on blogspot is automatic, so just click around on the Layout tags and you will understand in a minute :) Comments are also automatic, but you can alter that in the Customize section too. Get your website going!

monty said...

What a cool idea Lolita. And I think your 3rd picture is a great one. You seem so relaxed and serene.

Millie said...

Can I make a paper mache pinata or something!?!? HAHAH!

Do we get extra points for have the most creative idea!?? ;-D I'm just checking my options here.

Lolita of the Classics said...

I hope people will find it fun! And thanks :)

Of course! Perhaps not official extra points, but I do have to choose a winner, so... ;)

Jorgé said...

What a fantastic and fun idea, Lolita!!

Also, congratulations on your up-coming website...Looking forward to the premiere!


Merriam said...

Oh I so want to do this, it sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not much of an artist though.

Merriam said...

Hi Lolita, I just sent you my submission! Just to let you know in case it gets put in the spam folder.

Millie said...

MY SUBMISSION IS SORTA ALMOST ON THE WAY I forgot that Sweden is like 7hrs ahead! :-/