Sunday, September 13, 2009

Claudette Colbert 106 years

At Claudette Colbert's birthday I made a new desktop background for those who like it. I also changed the blog header - like it?
That's about the effort I will put on anything today - the rest of the day will go for having a hangover, drinking tea and watch The Night of the Hunter (1955).


Juliette. said...

Love that desktop background! Gorgeous work.

Fab photo as well, for the blog header. :)

Enjoy your Mitchum fix today. Am kicking myself for not bringing that one with me to university.

Lolita said...

Thanks! Feel free to steal it ;)
And thanks again!
Mitchum is a great medicine for everything - from heartbreak to anger to unconciosness to brutal hangovers!

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous header! I love your hair!

Christopher said...

Well Claudett dosen't have anything on that pretty Gul at the top of the page! ;o)..I watched Night of the Hunter a couple of times again just recently..THe only thing that frightens me is that dreadful little childrens song..Dreeeam little one dreeaam..look up the words to it sometime..its spooky..Well I'm fixing to fix my hangover with more of the same! SKOL

Lolita said...

Thank you! :D

Haha, you're too sweet. Watched it with English subs, so I got the lyrics - really eerie. Love the film.

Anonymous said...

Loving the new header! And I'm digging the desktop wallpaper idea. Awesome job!

Lolita said...

DJ Heinlein:
Thank you, and thank you!

Diana. said...

Watch "The night of the hunter" is always an excellent plan.
(Your blog header y great!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for ther desktop pic...looks good!
Found your blog via another blog...thouroughly enjoy it...and your pics of the day of you and your boyfriend were great!!

Lolita said...

Tina Bee:
Thank you a lot, Tina! I hope you will come back every now and then!