Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ready for a surprise?

Or at least, a little appetizer for what's yet to come.

Yesterday I finished my first video review in the form of a top 10 list. And what's the subject? Hollywood kisses, of course! Please let me know if it's satisfactory.

And happy birthday, Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers!


Barbeeque4 said...

What a great list of kisses!!! Brava!!!!!!

Bill Stankus said...

Nicely done ...

I suspect you could continue this as a series... Hollywood did a lot of kissing.

Kate Gabrielle said...

omg I love your ten hollywood kisses!! Believe it or not through the first 9 I kept thinking "come on, Midnight Mary HAS to be in here!" lol And you have a great voice, I wish I sounded like you!

Only two I'd include that weren't on the list-- Clark Gable & Greta Garbo in Susan Lenox Her Rise and Fall, and Dana Andrews & Susan Hayward in My Foolish Heart -- in an elevator (I could watch that scene a million times!)

Love the picture of the birthday girls ;)

Matthew Coniam said...

Fantastic! I just love this. Do loads more!

Lolita said...


Bill Stankus:
Yeah, I thought the same! We'll see what comes up in the future ;)

Kate Gabrielle:
Haha, yes, Midnight Mary had to be on the list. That scene must be among the filthiest, sexiest I've ever seen (and still being tasteful).
Do you really think I have a good voice? Thanks a lot, that makes me very happy! I always thought I had a very talk-through-the-nose-voice, and people always ask me if I have a cold... haha.
Yeah, but Stanwyck looks a bit serious!

Matthew Coniam:
Great! Thank you! I was just sitting down to continue with another video ;)

Christopher said...

I think I'd rather listen to your sexy voice than watch that kissing!
:o)....I like your #1 pick with Loretta Young and Ricardo Cortez..She goes for the neck and ear which is a weak spot!..Theres a nerve in the neck just under the ear that that all Vampires know about..You only have to breathe on that spot or lick it weaken your prey....Loretta must a known about

Lolita said...

Haha, thanks for that compliment! Or something... ;)
Yeah, it's a really sensual kiss! No doubt about that. Think Loretta Young had the vampire genes?

Christopher said...

probablly her catholic upbringing and being the Bishop's Wife and all..

Keith said...

I love it. That's very cool.